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9 Reasons why you should take Liquid Vitamins or Minerals

9 Reasons why you should take Liquid Vitamins or Minerals
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So we need our nutritional support to be flexible, and what better way than to choose liquid vitamin and minerals! Some people require more vitamin C or zinc, or may do at certain times such as when they need to support their immunity. Others require specific kinds of nutrients that they can use more easily, such as the methylfolate form of folic acid. Some people have difficulties swallowing tablets or capsules (like children or the elderly) or have problems with absorbing some nutrients. For example vitamin B12 can be poorly absorbed if on medications that affect stomach acid or people with gall bladder conditions may not absorb vitamin D as well. Others may have allergies and require their nutritional supplements to be as pure and simple as possible.

Since we understand each person’s needs are unique, we’ve developed our new range of liquid vitamins and liquid minerals.

Here are just some examples of the advantages of our Nutrisorb® liquid supplements:

  1. High potency - optimum potency in each liquid.
  2. Pure – the simplest formulations, often in purified water or emulsion bases, free of allergens and with natural preservatives to keep them fresh.
  3. Highly absorbable - the liquid form is simple for the body to digest and the liquids can be absorbed quickly and easily.
  4. Easy to use by the body - using only the best nutrients that are well-tolerated and bioavailable.
  5. Flexible nutrition – you can combine nutrients from the range into one dose to suit your exact needs.
  6. Flexible doses – unlike capsules or sprays, liquid dose allows you take exactly what you need.
  7. Flexible to take – you can take them on their own, in food or drink, or some can even be taken under the tongue.
  8. Convenient – most are in handy dropper bottles to use ‘on the go’.
  9. Format - Well suited to individuals who have difficulty swallowing tablets or capsules, such as children or the elderly, or those with digestive and absorption difficulties.
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