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Your body’s ability to absorb the nutrients in a supplement is key to its effectiveness. At BioCare, we offer products with the highest levels of absorption possible. Our methylated supplements provide folate and vitamin B12 in their naturally active form, breaking down any barriers to your body using these nutrients efficiently. Browse our methylated supplements below or read on for more information.

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Absorb the most from nutrients with our effective range of methyl supplements

Known under several names: folate, folic acid, vitamin B9, or methylfolate, this essential vitamin is responsible for an array of crucial functions in the body. Folate helps to support immunity, mental health and wellbeing, energy, methylation, metabolism, and cell division. It is also a key nutrient recommended during pregnancy as it promotes maternal and foetal health. At BioCare, we prefer to use the methylfolate form because it is metabolically active, and has been shown to be better absorbed and used by the body than folic acid.  Some individuals are less able to efficiently convert folic acid to methylfolate due to genetic variations in the activity of the MTHFR enzyme, therefore taking methylfolate is a more effective option for everyone. You can find methylfolate in a lot of our complexes and multinutrients, or you can supplement with it on its own by using our Nutrisorb® Methylfolate liquid or paired with vitamin B12 in our Nutrisorb® Methyl FolGuard® for added energy and nervous support.

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