Care. It's In our name

At BioCare, we care. And have done for over 30 years. We care about people being the healthiest version of themselves. We do this be creating advanced, effective food supplements without the use of unnecessary additives, made in the UK. And we pride ourselves on giving free expert advice, support and education.

Caring For You

A trusted range

We’ve spent over 30 years developing our range of advanced nutritional supplements based on the latest research and clinical practice. Sourced with care, they’re made in the UK, free from unnecessary additives and created only with effectiveness in mind. That means we never compromise on quality and only use the best forms of nutrients that are going to work, ensuring you can be the healthiest you can be.

When you buy BioCare, you can trust that our supplements are always:

  • Formulated based on research and clinical practice
  • Created using only the best nutrient forms
  • As effective as they can be
  • Free from unnecessary ingredients
  • Sourced with care

Designed around you

Because we understand that health is complex and unique, we offer a wide range of expertly formulated products so you can personalise your nutrition, to suit your needs. Whether you're looking for an everyday essential to optimise your health, a specific solution for a health need or something more individual – our flexible range is designed around you. That makes it simpler to find the right supplements for you and your family. Created to be easy to take, you can choose whatever suits you from capsule to powder or liquid and most of the range is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Always innovating

We may have been here for 30 years, but we’ve never stopped challenging and pushing forwards. We’re always seeking a greater understanding of health so we can continue to be the trusted experts of science and research and continue to formulate the right solutions for our customers.

Here for you

Support is important. It's why we care about giving free expert nutritional advice to everyone. Our trusted Nutrition Team, made up of UK-based Nutritional Therapists have clinical experience, and an extensive knowledge of supplements and their application. They’re here to help understand your health needs, to support you with finding the right products and to give you general nutritional advice and tips. Contact the team here.

Handled with care

We make sure your orders are delivered to you carefully, easily and as quickly as possible. That’s why we’ve increased our next working day delivery cut off time from 2pm to 4pm and upgraded our standard delivery service to Royal Mail Tracked 24. A 24-hour tracked delivery service, at no extra cost to you. And our first-class customer service team are always on hand whenever you need them.

Caring for Others

Empowering everyday

We care about everyone being the healthiest they can be. So, we believe the more we understand, the more we can share with the world. It’s why we offer support, free advice and education to empower people with the right knowledge and the right products. Whether you’re trying to gain a better understanding of nutrition, studying or looking for advice for one of your patients or customers – we’re here.

Sharing knowledge

We make it our job to always seek a greater understanding of health, so we can be the trusted experts for you, to support you with knowledge and education and offer effective solutions to aid you in helping your clients or customers on their journey to a healthier life.

Our sophisticated and practical Adaptive Health model, is a complete toolkit of education and practical resources to teach, advise and support retailers, practitioners and students. Our online resources, educational events, webinars and seminars, backed by cutting-edge research and with the best industry experts and speakers, are a great way to learn and network.

Sign up for trade account or log-in to our professional resources area here.

How we work

We care about ‘Shaping a healthier society’ and building a culture that reflects our core beliefs - Commitment, Effectiveness, Trust and Challenge. They inspire the way we work and influence everything we do. We’re committed to caring and doing the right thing. We believe we’re effective when we work together and seek out innovation. We trust in science, research, our people and products. And we always challenge each other to be the best we can be.

A greener future

We’re committed to taking care of our environment and are always improving our sustainability efforts. To do that, we’re using more recyclable materials and less plastic. We’ve introduced new recyclable glass packaging across our range and are avoiding single use plastic for scoops to reduce our impact. There’s now less secondary packaging, like cartons, and less packaging overall when we send our products to you. Our aim is to keep pushing towards a greener future by making our products as sustainable as possible.