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Support a healthy immune system and much more with our zinc supplements.

Zinc is an essential trace mineral that is required in the body to support a number of different functions including maintaining bone, skin and hair health, and building a healthy immune system. At BioCare, we offer a wide range of zinc supplements. Our core zinc supplements are bound with specific nutrients that help increase the absorption rate of this important mineral. We also offer multinutrient supplements with high levels of zinc such as Immune Intensive. Browse our full range below.

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Zinc is an essential nutrient that is commonly deficient in our modern diet. It plays an integral role in a number of essential bodily functions such as immunity, DNA synthesis, cell division, metabolism, cognition, and vision. It also helps you look healthy too as it supports the maintenance of hair, skin and nails, as well as bones. And for people looking to start a family, zinc supports fertility and reproduction, as well as testosterone levels in men and women.

We offer a number of high-potency and effective zinc supplements as capsules, tablets, and liquids, so that you can easily choose what suits you best. For a everyday option, choose between Zinc Citrate which is a well absorbed form of zinc in a small tablet form, which can be also taken as a lozenge, or Zinc Ascorbate – a capsule with the addition of vitamin C for extra immune and antioxidant support. An alternative option for those who would like to support methylation is our Zinc Methionine. If you prefer a liquid, you can choose from a gentle Nutrisorb® Zinc and a higher dose option – Nutrisorb® Zinc Complex.

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