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BioCare’s Quercetin Plus Lauded by Yours Magazine

The UK’s leading twice monthly magazine, Yours, has regularly been having interesting discussions over recent months, on nutrition, exercise and wellbeing. In the most recent issue of Yours, a compelling article spoke broadly about something which troubles many of us. Hayfever.

Author Rebecca Speechley looked into a variety of topics and how sufferers can prevent Hayfever from interfering with the joys of summer. Checking the pollen count with the Met office is a good start, followed by wearing sunglasses to prevent exposure suggested Rebecca. Regular exercise has been shown to reduce symptoms in some studies and make Hayfever less severe. Similar relief from symptoms can be achieved by using Quercetin, a natural compound found in red wine and berries.

“Quercetin is a natural compound that has been found to reduce the release of histamine”. Rebecca said, before going on to suggest BioCare Quercetin Plus in particular for it’s unique formula of ingredients to protect from oxidative stress, support the body’s immune defence and help venous circulation.

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