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Managing Exam Season

By Administrator 6 days ago 1513 Views

With exam season upon us, we focus on what you can do nutrionally to support cognitive function.

Win a range of BioCare Supplements with Melissa Jane Lee

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With the weather finally warming, and summer approaching, we reached out to renown lifestyle blogger Melissa Jane Lee and offered her audience a unique chance to win some of our great products.

“I’m excited to be teaming up with Professional Supplement Specialist BioCare for this giveaway”, Melissa exclaims. “They have a range of supplements that are perfect for increasing your energy and immunity, and also fighting tiredness and fatigue.”

What great supplements were up for grabs? “BioCare’s brand new product, Methyl Multinutrient, is a high potency blend of multivitamins, mineral and antioxidants.” Providing your body with everything is needs to work optimally, including essential B Vitamins.

Also, “Magnesium Citrate, easily absorbed, a great supplement to help reduce tiredness and fatigue. It also helps with constipation and protein synthesis.”, Melissa wrote.

Read her blog in full and enter the competition here.

Shop for Methyl Multinutrient and Magnesium Citrate, from £30.95 for 60 capsules and £16.45 for 90 capsules respectively.

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Energy Crisis

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How come we seem to eat so much, so often, yet still feel tired? What is going wrong with the process of getting that energy from our food and creating energy in cells to perform our daily functions? Why is the energy being stored away as fat, so obesity is increasing in our society? This is the modern energy crisis. We just don’t seem to be making full use of food energy when we need it. Let’s have a look at why.

Collagen Complex - More Than Skin Deep

By Administrator 19 days ago 4770 Views

Beth Morris from our Clinical Nutrition Team, tells you about one of our favourite BioCare supplements - Collagen Complex.

5 Products To Kick Start Your Spring

By Administrator 1 month ago 4437 Views

Discover our top 5 supplements to kick start your vitality this spring.

BioCare’s Quercetin Plus Lauded by Yours Magazine

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Yours Magazine Recommends BioCare FOS

By Marcus Kingsland 1 month ago 563 Views

In their ongoing coverage of nutrition, exercise and wellbeing, Yours, the UK’s 1# fortnightly magazine had an excellent discussion in their latest issue about gut health.

It’s widely understood that Probiotics like Acidophilus are a key factor in gut health, and having a flourishing gut biome is important for many functions of the body, beyond the digestive system. Author of the article, Charlotte Haigh also wisely suggested that fibre from a range of fruits, vegetables and grains are one of the best way improve digestion.

Later in the article, Charlotte wondered, how to improve fibre in-take to improve digestion when leading a busy lifestyle, where eating a variety of fruits and vegetables may be challenging. BioCare F.O.S was suggested as the ideal solution.

Fructooligosaccharide powder is a natural fibre, found inside many unprocessed fruits and vegetables. It’s naturally sweet taste makes it ideal to be easily added to other foods or drinks; adding healthy fibre and a delicious flavour, without any of the calories or other health concerns from traditional sweeteners.

Discover BioCare F.O.S, from £8.50 for 250g.

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Spring Clean Your Health

By Administrator 1 month ago 7275 Views

Discover 11 health signs that mean your body may need a gentle nudge towards the transition into spring/summer.

Erratic Energy – Is stress depleting your energy?

By Administrator 1 month ago 18564 Views

Are your energy levels all over the place? Are you tired when you should be alert, such as upon waking or during the afternoon?

If this is you, then this article is for you!

Microbiome Gut Brain Axis – What You Need To Know

By Administrator 2 months ago 20000 Views

Do you have digestive issues (e.g. bloating, food sensitivities), alongside depression, anxiety, autism, or a neurodegenerative condition such as multiple sclerosis (MS)?

If so, you need to know about the ‘Microbiome Gut Brain (MGB) Axis’.