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Worn out by stress? Support your adrenals

By BioCare 5 days ago 266 Views

Are you worn out by stress, feel tired but wired, struggle to wake up, unable to relax and have difficulty sleeping? You may rely on coffee and sugary foods to boost your energy, crave salt or sugar, have low mood and motivation and struggle to maintain your weight, particularly around the middle?

If you’ve answered yet to any of these questions, you might need support for your stress response and adrenal hormones.

We should feel alert upon waking and energised over the course of the day to help us rise to and meet the challenges of the day, gradually becoming tired into the evening to prepare us for sleep. Stress is unavoidable in today’s life with constant notifications on our phones, busy jobs, relationship troubles, financial worries, busy family life and trying to achieve a work-life balance. It is not so much the number of stressors we have, but rather how we process and manage it.

Energy slumps after eating? Support your blood glucose balance

By BioCare 5 days ago 247 Views

Do you have energy slumps especially after eating, sugar or carbohydrate cravings, and are perhaps overweight?

If so, you might need support for your blood glucose (blood sugar) levels.

When we eat high carbohydrate or sugary foods, we raise the levels of glucose in the blood. This has to be well-controlled as high glucose levels have a negative effect on health. The hormone insulin helps us use the glucose or store the excess as fat. If this process is disrupted, we may have energy slumps when high sugar levels drop, experience weight gain, and perhaps even permanently disrupted metabolism.

New Energy Solutions to meet life’s demands

By BioCare 19 days ago 1418 Views

New Energy Solutions to meet life’s demands

We are excited to let you know that our Energy Solutions have been re-energised and are available to order now!

Energy is at the heart of everything we do every activity we undertake and everything our body’s cells are doing for us in the background. It’s a complex process that works at different levels and can easily misfire with our modern diet and lifestyle. When it does, not only do we feel tired and unable to work or play, but it can also affect our emotional wellbeing and wider health, for example causing hormone imbalances or low immunity.

So, we’ve created a range of energy supplements to support all these areas and help you optimise your energy. To help you get started, we’re giving you 15% off our new energy range throughout September!

Our NEW synergistic combinations use naturally sourced, cutting-edge ingredients with no unnecessary additives making them even more advanced and effective than before! They also come in our NEW recyclable glass packaging.

Whatever the individual concern, we have the right energy solution for you.

Long COVID – A new condition or an old acquaintance?

By Lorena Neacsa 3 months ago 17674 Views

It has been more than a year since the COVID pandemic hit us with full force. It’s taken a toll on all of us, affecting our finances and health. Some of these effects are more forceful and some are more subtle, with consequences yet to unveil themselves in the months and years to come.

Whilst the social restrictions are lifting in many countries, for many people who have had the virus, life isn’t quite getting back to normal as they’re left with prolonged effects of the infection – the so called ‘Long COVID’, or ‘Post-acute COVID-19 syndrome’.

Spring Essentials – Our top products to give you a boost after a long winter

By BioCare 6 months ago 18675 Views

After what has seemed like a never ending, cold, dark winter, the scent of spring is finally in the air and warmer weather is on the horizon. And while this change in season is known for a household clean, what about our bodies that we have perhaps neglected over the last few months? Or perhaps you dread the upcoming pollen season and need to support your immunity? To compensate for nutrient losses and drains on our body systems at the end of this dark season, our Nutrition team have picked out some Spring Essentials to give you an immune and antioxidant boost, promote tissue repair, and to support your gut bacteria, giving our bodies a bit of a spring clean.

Osteo Intensive smoothie recipe

By BioCare 6 months ago 20331 Views

We often forget to maintain our bone health until we injure or break a bone, and are reminded just how important it is! So, we have created a smoothie containing all the key nutrients needed for strong, healthy bones.

Everyday Essentials for Children

By BioCare 8 months ago 6710 Views

We now know the true importance of daily nutrition to support overall health and wellbeing for us adults, and this goes for the little ones too! Just as we need to ensure our bodies are taking in all of the essential nutrients to thrive, this is the same for our children, and laying down good nutritional foundations in childhood can have lifelong benefits.

Our extensive range of advanced, effective nutritional supplements for children covers the key areas that underpin child development from neonatal nutrition, promoting healthy immunity, bone health and cognition.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our children’s range, formulated by our Clinical Nutrition team in conjunction with leading practitioners to provide the highest standard of products, suitable for all ages, from babies to teenagers. Free from artificial colours and flavours, in liquid or powder forms for convenience and flexible dosing options.

Your everyday essential products

By BioCare 8 months ago 18009 Views

“It’s never too early or too late to work towards being a healthier you”

This is undoubtedly a truly unique time which has brought on great reflection for many, and for a lot of us, this time has been an opportunity to realise the true importance of health and what that looks like to us. Not only have we seen the importance of a strong immune system, but the connection between our immunity and other areas, such as our digestive health, respiratory health and energy.

Introducing Our Vitamin C Range

By Olenka Quintrell 9 months ago 11232 Views

We all know vitamin C is vital for our health, in particular, for our immunity, energy and collagen production. But did you know? Most of us aren’t getting enough vitamin C through diet alone. This is why we have a wide variety of vitamin C products, all of which are vegan friendly and come in various forms to suit your every need, such as liquid, powder, capsule, or tablet.

Watch our latest vlog, where we look into these further to see which option might be the best one for you.

Introducing Our Liposomal Vitamin C

By Marta Anhelush 9 months ago 12311 Views

We are very excited to introduce our brand new product – Liposomal Vitamin C!

Following the success of our Liposomal CBD, and lots of positive feedback from our customers, we were keen to expand our Liposomal range and including a vitamin C product was a no brainer at this time of the year.

After a long wait and lots of anticipation, we can finally share it with you!