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IBS - is the answer in your gut bacteria?

By Clinical Nutrition Today 218 Views

Can just four types of live, probiotic bacteria help with IBS? The science says yes.

5 ways to avoid the Winter Vomiting Bug

By Emily Blake 3 days ago 2150 Views

How can you protect yourself against Norovirus? Find out in our latest article.

Our Top Digestion Supplements

By Ellie Isom 6 days ago 4323 Views

Discover which are our Clinical Nutrition team's favourite digestion supplements, to help support a healthy digestive system.

Leaky gut – The hype about hyperpermeability

By Ellie Isom 13 days ago 11025 Views

You may have heard the term ‘Leaky gut’ being batted around, but what does it actually mean? Is it really a thing?

Yes – it is a thing! Leaky gut is the colloquial term used to describe the increased permeability of the gut wall, or ‘intestinal hyperpermeability’.

Read our article to find out how you can support your gut health.

Top Supplements for Joint Health

By Emily Blake 19 days ago 2813 Views

Chronically painful, achy, swollen joints can make day-to-day life a struggle, and we want to help.

We regularly talk to our clients and customers about the top nutrients and herbs which can be helpful, alongside support for other body systems which can have a knock-on impact on our joint health, namely the state of our gut, nervous system, and immunity.

Good bugs for bad bugs - supporting Immunity with Probiotics

By Chris Newbold 1 month ago 7664 Views

Learn how probiotics are essential to supporting the immune system.

Our Top Immune Supplements for Autumn and Winter

By Ellie Isom 1 month ago 11204 Views

Our immune system is a vital defence mechanism which can protect us from, and help us fight, infections from microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses.

Discover our top supplements to support your immunity.

Vitamin Pills – Miracle or Myth?

By Administrator 2 months ago 16591 Views

Did you see last night’s Horizon investigating whether supplements are necessary, unnecessary, maybe even dangerous? Maybe it’s left you wondering too? As with most of these programmes, it didn’t really tell the whole story, and there’s plenty of evidence that supports the use of food supplements. Read more to find out.

Probiotics for Antibiotics

By Administrator 2 months ago 6850 Views

Antibiotics are a vital medical treatment, and sometimes necessary. However, they are being so ubiquitously used in human and animal healthcare that we have inadvertently created an antibiotic crisis.

So what is the solution when you do have to take antibiotics? Discover in our latest article...

Why Choose Lactobacillus Plantarum?

By Administrator 2 months ago 5277 Views

Not all live bacteria products are equal, and there are a baffling number of choices. Most good probiotic bacteria have multiple functions in the body but sometimes you can use a specific strain to target a particular area of health. So why would you choose Lactobacillus plantarum? Read our latest article to find out.