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Everything You Need To Know About Vitamin D

By Olenka Quintrell 14 days ago 32093 Views

With winter fast approaching, the reduction in daily sunlight exposure, and the higher risk of infection during these cooler months, it is essential that we work towards optimising our vitamin D status.

Vitamin D is one of the only vitamins which we can make ourselves. However, the process of making vitamin D is highly complicated and prone to error. The bare minimum requirement for adequate vitamin D synthesis is sufficient daily exposure of our skin to sunlight. It therefore comes as no surprise that 25% of the UK population may be deficient, especially when you consider that we live in the northern hemisphere with heavily indoors-based lifestyles, particularly during the year 2020! It is therefore vital that we increase our daily intake of vitamin D over these cooler months to mitigate for our reduced ability to make enough of this nutrient at this time of the year. Read on to find out why you need vitamin D and the best ways to increase your intake of it.

Our Immune Smoothie

By Emily Blake 15 days ago 21639 Views

Our Clinical Nutrition team have shared this tasty immune smoothie recipe which includes our favourite supplement - Immune Intensive.

How Can 'Eating The Rainbow' Improve Your Health?

By Olenka Quintrell 16 days ago 37423 Views

Striking statistics from Public Health England indicate that only 31% adults and 8% teenagers meet the bare minimum recommendation of eating ‘5 A Day’. An adequate daily intake of fruits and vegetables is crucial for our health. It can help to support immunity, reduce disease risk, and improve overall health. An exciting way to increase your daily plant intake and consume at least 5-A-Day is to focus on ‘eating the rainbow’.

Read our blog to learn more about how 'eating the rainbow' can improve your health.

Your Essential Immune Products

By Olenka Quintrell 29 days ago 4186 Views

The year 2020 has truly highlighted the importance of a strong immune system. With children and students back at school and university, the colder months fast approaching, and the impending second wave in many parts of the world, it is more important than ever that our immune system is well-supported.

"The right raw materials can double or triple the protective power of the immune system” Joel Fuhrman

Our immune system is highly nutrient-demanding. For the immune system to function optimally, it needs to be nourished on a daily basis with a wide range of nutrients, not least vitamin A, C, D, and zinc. It then needs to be further supported by a diverse and abundant gut microbiome which requires a good daily intake of prebiotic fibre and live bacteria. Read on to learn about our top supplements to support the immune system, as recommended by all of us on the Clinical Nutrition team.

Your Guide To A Better Night's Sleep

By Seema Vekaria 1 month ago 25811 Views

Good quality sleep is vital to our general wellbeing, particularly our immunity and mental health, so it’s more important than ever that we sleep well! If you’re finding yourself going to bed later and later, waking up several times in the night, waking up with anxiety, or feeling groggy upon waking.

Read our blog on sleep, why it matters and top tips for better sleep.

How To Adapt To The New (Ab)Normal

By Raihane Palagi 1 month ago 4781 Views

Many moments in history have turned the world upside down and changed the way we live, work, behave, and think. The year 2020 is one of them. Our thoughts and actions today will have an influence on whether this year makes or breaks us as a global community, and how it is remembered by future generations. While some have rejoiced in the idea of working from the comfort of their home and continued to work relatively as normal, others have been severely affected financially, physically, and/or mentally. There is no doubt that the current pandemic has affected us all, in one way or another.

As we enter this new phase of trying to go back to work and back to school, we are also avidly following the latest news updates and many of us are growing concerned about what the future holds. Now is an opportune time to reflect on how we have been doing so far during this pandemic, how we can best support ourselves moving forwards, and how we can grow through this experience, stronger and wiser.

A-Z Guide To Supporting Your Immunity

By Marta Anhelush 1 month ago 36923 Views

It’s that time of year again! Children are back to school and we all know that this means parents are on high alert for the infections which they might bring home, now so more than ever. On top of this, many of us are also preparing to return to the workplace which, for many, is adding to the existing anxiety about how best to support their immunity.

The immune system is instrumental to our health through its role in protecting us against common viral and bacterial pathogens. Rest assured, there is a lot that we can do through nutrition and lifestyle to improve the resilience of our immune system. Read on to learn about the top nutrients needed to strengthen the immune system to help you feel empowered with your self-care as we try to adapt to this new normal.

Read our A-Z guide of key nutrients to consider to support a healthy immune response.

Top Tips To Support Male Health

By Olenka Quintrell 1 month ago 4514 Views

Male health issues are on the rise but they aren’t talked about enough! We regularly support men with a range of health challenges and it has become clear to us that there needs to be a wider dissemination of knowledge about the common drivers of male health issues and the natural interventions which can help.

We have many conversations with men who are under significant pressure from the constant juggle of work and family life. Coupled with the prevalence of processed food[i] and environmental toxins,[ii] this decline in men’s health comes as no surprise.

Strikingly, global sperm health has declined by 50-60% within the last 40 years.[iii] Gentlemen, there is much that you can do to take control of your health. Now is the time for action.

Read our latest blog on the top tips to support male health.

Top Tips For The Return To School

By Seema Vekaria 2 months ago 7245 Views

We made it through the lockdown period and now the next challenge is strengthening your child’s immune system for the return to school.

A healthy diet is paramount to provide all the nutrients they need to ensure a robust immune system. If you’re not sure which nutrients are important, or what to do if and when your children get poorly, we’ve gathered our top nutritional and lifestyle tips all in one place, so read on to learn more.

Top 4 Common Struggles During Pregnancy And How To Tackle Them

By Clinical Nutrition 2 months ago 2205 Views

Pregnancy often comes with unwelcome side effects too as your body adapts to the responsibility of growing another person.

Take a look at our top four pregnancy-related complaints and how to tackle them.