Vitamin C Supplements.

Discover a wide range of health benefits from our vitamin C supplements.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that benefits your body in a multitude of different ways. As a water-based vitamin, the body can’t store vitamin C, so it is important that you get enough on a daily basis. There are certain times that you might want to increase your vitamin C intake – for example, during or after illness as it supports the immune system. At BioCare, we produce a number of vitamin C products in different forms.

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Vitamin C

The antioxidant vitamin, protecting our cells, and also supporting formation of collagen for skin and bones, promoting robust immunity, and energy production. People often supplement to optimise their vitamin C levels, and we have a range of options to suit everyone. Vitamin C Powder is potent, yet simple, easy to mix into liquids, as much as you need, and take with you on the go. Or add in some plant power with Vitamin C Rosehip Complex, another useful one for everyday use and collagen support, with added minerals and plant antioxidants. Or try out optimally-absorbed liquid Liposomal Vitamin C – up to 3 times better-absorbed and used by the body thanks to the unique liposomal technology. We also have a range of simple tablet and capsule options, if you prefer those, including Vitamin C 500 or Vitamin C 1000.

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