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The BioCare Nutrition Team

BioCare has always been focused on playing a key role in shaping a healthier society, not only researching and developing the most clinically effective products, but also providing professional nutrition and product advice.

Our Nutrition Team consists of a group of Nutritional Therapists with a wide breadth of clinical experience, and an extensive knowledge of supplements and their application. They are here to provide our customers with unparalleled free and confidential advice about anything to do with nutrition, lifestyle and our product range, and are available by calling 0121 433 8702, emailing, via web chat or our practitioner-only Facebook group.

As well as providing advice, the Nutrition Team also oversee latest research updates, assist in formulating our products, writing nutrition articles, creating a range of technical support materials, and delivering our extensive education programme which includes practitioner seminars and webinars, as well as retail and export training.

Each person in the team has unique skills, experience and interests, and together we form a strong team who share a passion for nutrition and health, and are committed to providing pragmatic and practical advice to get the most effective outcome for our customers.

If you’d like a member of our Nutrition Team to contact you, please enquire here.

Meet Our Nutritionists

Meet Our Nutritionists

Marta Anhelush

Head of Clinical Nutrition

Marta joined the Clinical Nutrition department after graduating as a Nutritional Therapist and since then she’s practised privately, lectured nutrition at colleges, and given talks to health professionals around the UK and internationally. In her role, she enjoys being surrounded by like-minded people, developing new ideas, and seeing the difference nutrition makes on a daily basis.

Through research and further education, she’s developed interests in nutrigenomics and environmental medicine, but her ultimate goal is to bring Nutritional Therapy to the forefront of public health.

Lorena Neacsa

Clinical Nutrition Team Leader

Nutrition and natural health have been Lorena’s core passion for the past 10 years and has culminated with her training as a Nutritional Therapist. Besides working for BioCare, Lorena is also furthering her education, being involved in the Assistant Clinic Supervisor Programme for a prestigious nutrition college.

Lorena is committed to support people to reach optimal health and wellbeing, and she has a particular interest in gut health, female health, and metabolic health.

Paula Haran-Ali

Clinical Nutritionist

Paula’s interest in nutrition developed after her own personal health journey. Through this she developed a passion to support others to achieve their peak health by looking at the person as a whole and really understanding how the body is functioning. This led her to seeking a qualification as a Nutritional Therapist.

Paula’s previous career as a process engineer in the food industry has allowed her to appreciate the process involved in making supplements which combines well with her nutrition knowledge of how they can be used to support health. Paula is particularly interested in female health, gut health and nervous system health.

Dominika Gutek

Clinical Nutritionist

Dominika joined BioCare after completing a Bachelor’s in Human Nutrition and a Master’s in Nutritional Therapy.

After spending years in the fitness industry and working as a personal trainer, she decided to study nutrition to get a better understanding of how diet and lifestyle can affect different health conditions. Her mission is to help others to become healthier and happier versions of themselves, and to support them through their health and fitness journey.

Throughout education and her own experience, she’s developed a particular interest in gut health. Dominika enjoys being creative, especially with food photography, developing new recipes, designing handouts, and researching answers to health and nutrition questions. Nutrition and fitness have become her long-life passions and she’s happy to share that passion with others, making a difference in people’s lives and contributing to shaping a healthier society.

Beth Mulvey 

Clinical Nutrition Advisor

Beth's enduring passion for health and wellbeing deepened as she navigated her own health challenges. Recognising the profound impact of nutrition on her own well-being, she dedicated three years to studying and training, emerging as a qualified Nutritional Therapist. Motivated to assist others facing similar situations, Beth now shares her knowledge to guide them toward optimal health. Alongside her role at Biocare, Beth engages with clients one-on-one, with a particular focus on gut health and skin health.

Krista Swann

Clinical Nutrition Advisor

I have always had a keen interest in nutrition and I’m a big foodie! But it was my own personal health journey that led me to discover the impact diet and lifestyle can have on our physical and mental wellbeing. Nutrition became a true passion and so I decided to leave the corporate world behind and retrain as a Nutritional Therapist.  

Alongside working for BioCare, I also work 1:1 with people and support them on their health journey, trying to address the root cause of their condition and provide them with the knowledge where they can eventually support themselves. For me, health is the most important investment you can make, and I love seeing the positive changes nutrition has on people’s lives. 

Julie Gough

Clinical Nutrition Advisor

Julie has a lifelong interest and passion in health and wellbeing and following her own health journey through menopause and a terminal diagnosis of cancer to a close family member in 2017, she started to research natural therapies as none of the conventional treatments were an option. This led to her studying with the College of Naturopathic Medicine and graduating in 2021.  

Julie`s main aim is to educate as there is so much that we can do to help ourselves and achieve better health outcomes. She is continually fascinated by how specific nutrients support the body to perform certain processes.   

Julie has a particular interest in female health and hormones, as well as digestive issues, as these two systems are intricately linked.  

Bernie Harrison

Clinical Nutrition Advisor

Bernie’s interest into nutrition began after her father was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in the 1990’s. As part of his treatment program, he worked with a nutritionist on a detoxification cancer protocol that alleviated his symptoms and supported him throughout the illness.  This demonstrated to Bernie how the right foods and nutrients can help towards correcting imbalances and restoring the body. This changed Bernie life’s direction and she left an active corporate career in marketing and communications working in the UK and Australia and retrained as a Nutritional Therapist in London. 

She now works as a Clinical Nutrition Advisor, supporting people to unravel the root cause of their health issues, helping them to heal and restore optimal health. Her particular specialisms are in digestive disorders and cancer support. . 

Maxime Maunand 

Clinical Nutrition Advisor

‘Joining BioCare as a recent graduate from the College of Naturopathic medicine, Maxime had grown tired and frustrated at witnessing loved ones around him succumb to illness, so the science surrounding the impacts of diet and lifestyle on disease risk caught his interest very quickly. 

Maxime graduated with a degree in Music Production, but his time at university saw his passion pull away from the studio’s and into the world of nutrition and natural healing. As a young professional with little holding him back, he decided he wanted to make it his life’s mission to help educate people on the importance of nutrition and lifestyle and so began his studies in this new field. 

Maxime is now growing his practice as a Nutritional Therapist and is diversifying his knowledge on a variety of subjects, striving to immerse himself ever further into the world of nutrition. Coming to BioCare was an important part of this and allows him to continuously fulfil his life’s mission.’ 

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