Seasonal Supplements.

Support your immune system with our wide range of seasonal supplements.

As the temperature drops and the dark nights set in, many people choose to take a seasonal supplement. At BioCare, we offer a range of high quality seasonal supplements to support health and wellbeing. From high quality specific vitamin products like Vitamin C Powder, to expertly designed nutrient combinations such as Immune Intensive and BioAntioxidant 2000, there are a wide variety of products to choose from. Browse our seasonal supplements below, or find out more about our different seasonal formulations.

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Seasonal Supplements

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and at BioCare we produce a range of seasonal supplements that supply a high level of this key nutrient. In many cases, these products are enhanced with rich flavonoids from berries and other fruits. For example, our Vitamin C Rosehip Complex powder provides 1000mg of vitamin C plus rosehip and bilberry in a base of xylitol, apricot, blackberry, and sweet cherry. Our Vitamin C 500 and Vitamin C 1000 supplements providea low acid, citrus-free magnesium ascorbate that is gentler on stomachs – also includes bilberry.

Zinc is an important mineral for the normal functioning of the immune system. We have a variety of zinc products, including zinc in citrate form as it has a higher absorption rate, and Zinc Ascorbate with added vitamin C for immune and antioxidant support.

Within our seasonal range, we offer a number of powerful antioxidant supplementsOur MicroCell® Nutriguard® Plus and MicroCell® Curcumin Plus use a unique process to enhance the absorption and bioavailability of their beneficial ingredients and Antioxidant Complex is a unique combination of powerful nutrients including vitamin C for immune and antioxidant support, with turmeric, green tea and grapeseed.

During the winter months we have less exposure to sunlight, which can affect the amount of vitamin D we absorb. At BioCare, we stock a range of vitamin D supplements – including Nutrisorb® BioMulsion® D, which provides 1000iu of vitamin D3 per drop and uses advanced techniques to ensure optimum absorption. At that time, you’re also more likely to catch a cold so it’s important to strengthen your immunity with extra nutrients. Immune Intensive  is a high strength powder containing elderberry, sage, zinc, and vitamins A, C and D for immune support with lysine, and beta glucans.

We also offer a number of seasonal supplements for children. Children’s Red Berry BioMeltsTM provide live bacteria and vitamin D in a fruity ‘melt in your mouth’ powder and Baby & Children’s Vitamin D3 provides vitamin D3 is a liquid, vegan vitamin D3 to support your children's needs for growth, strong bones, and immunity. For an extra immune boost when your children need it most, choose Children's Elderberry Complex, an expertly designed combination of high-strength elderberry with zinc and vitamin C in a tasty liquid.

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