A story of care.

We care about helping people around the world be the healthiest version of themselves.

It was over 35 years ago when our original founder, John Stirling set out to seek a greater understanding of his health after a cancer diagnosis.

Not one to stand still, John travelled across the world to gain a greater understanding of health and nutrition. In doing so, he realised that his learnings could help not only himself, but others too.

And so, in 1988, BioCare was born.

Passionately believing in a holistic, naturopathic approach, he started to research and develop his own unique range of supplements working alongside his wife, Sharon, and experts in different fields.

John’s pioneering attitude is riven through our history and is still alive today. It’s rooted in our understanding that health is unique, dynamic, and adaptive, and that we need intelligent solutions to meet that challenge.

Never constrained by past or current thinking, we are always challenging and seeking an enhanced understanding of health while becoming trusted experts in research and science.

We work with scientists, nutritionists and diverse experts to create advanced and effective supplements, made in the UK, that come without unnecessary additives.

We share our knowledge with others, offering free support, advice and education for all.

Because at BioCare, we care, as we always have, about shaping a healthier society.

Meet Our Nutritionists

Caring for you.

We help people be the healthiest they can be with our range of advanced, effective supplements and free expert advice from our trained nutritionists.

Caring for others.

We aim to empower, advise and support retailers, practitioners and students with our extensive education programme and free online resources.

Caring for the environment.

We’re committed to taking care of the planet and are always improving our sustainability efforts, like our new glass bottles, to keep pushing towards a greener future.

Shaping a healthier society.

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