Choosing a multivitamin and mineral supplement is a great way to support your general health and wellbeing. At BioCare, we’re always looking at the ways we can help you personalise your nutritional support, that’s why we offer a wide range of multivitamin and mineral supplements, making them tailored to your specific needs. We use the best quality ingredients with no unnecessary additives and avoid common allergens like diary and gluten. Many of them are also vegan multivitamins and to be effective contain only easily absorbed nutrients like methylfolate, methyl B12, vitamin K2 and D3.

Browse our full range and discover the one for you below or read more about the benefits that multivitamin and mineral supplements can offer.

Our best-selling Methyl Multinutrient is an advanced, high potency multinutrient for all-round daily support, including the vital process of methylation, as well as the many other benefits of taking a multivitamin such as mental health, detoxification, structure and immunity. The easy to swallow capsules use all-vegan ingredients with no unnecessary additives. And to be effective, contain only easily absorbed nutrients such as methylfolate.

Adult Multivitamins & Minerals also uses methylated forms of nutrients that are best absorbed and used by the body and is a simpler alternative to Methyl Multinutrient, also for all-round daily support.

For more specific support we produce three multivitamin and mineral supplements for women at different stages of their lives;

Female Multinutrient, for women’s health and hormone balance during childbearing years, features optimum levels of vitamin B6 and zinc for skin and hormonal support, and magnesium for energy and mental wellbeing. Plus, a rich blend of antioxidants with green tea rosemary extracts.

Menopause Multinutrient is suitable for during and after the menopause and includes vitamin E and vitamin B6 for hormone balance, with added green tea extract. It’s also high in K2, D3, calcium and magnesium for healthy bones and packed with immune supporting antioxidants.

We also offer Methyl Pregnancy Multinutrient to support women through this important stage of their lives. This advanced pregnancy multivitamin and mineral formulation comes with added lutein and beta carotene as a source of vitamin A. And all key nutrients are contained within our easy to swallow capsules, such as iron, zinc and the superior folate, methylfolate

Specifically designed for men, Male Multinutrient is an advanced, high potency multivitamin and mineral for men’s health, energy and testosterone levels. Featuring optimum levels of B vitamins for energy support, with added Coenzyme Q10 and high in zinc to support testosterone levels and fertility. Also includes nettle root and lycopene – specifically selected for men.

We also offer a number of children’s multivitamin products such as Children’s Complete Complex and Children’s Mindlinx® Multinutrient that provides a high concentration of B vitamins, magnesium and zinc. These are presented in a tasty powder to help children enjoy the experience of taking them. And for babies, we offer Baby A, C, D Plus Drops – a gentle multivitamin in liquid form for babies from one month old.

For people who want the benefits of multivitamins, but find swallowing tablets or capsules difficult, we offer Vitasorb® Multivitamins – comprehensive support in liquid form.

So if you’re looking for the best multivitamins for you, or your family we have it covered!

If you prefer to take a specific vitamin or mineral supplement, you can find out more about our single nutrient supplements on the relevant category pages.