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Introducing New Everyday BioAcidophilus

Introducing New Everyday BioAcidophilus
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We are all unique but many of us share a common challenge – hectic lives. Our environment, fatigue, diets and general pressures all play a part.

But help is at hand. Introducing new Everyday BioAcidophilus – the most effective live bacteria in an even more convenient form.

If you use our famous BioAcidophilus products, you’ll know that it’s the most clinically effective live bacteria product available, with exactly the right types of bacteria in the right quantities. It’s perfectly formulated with 4 specially selected researched bacteria strains that are 100% safe and stable. Up until now our BioAcidophilus products have needed to be kept in the fridge. But now we have a new, more convenient option for you.

Our new Everyday BioAcidophilus offers you 10 billion live bacteria per capsule, guaranteed for 18 months, and have no need to be stored in the fridge. Each capsule is contained in 7-day blister strips, so it’s really easy to take with you, fitting into your pocket or handbag. All of which means that you are far more likely to remember to take your BioAcidophilus every day – even whilst on the go!

Every day, everywhere – easy.

For more information visit our Everyday BioAcidophilus product page.

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