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Essential Facts About Essential Fats

Essential Facts About Essential Fats
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We all know that consuming essential fats can have great health benefits, including supporting heart health and brain function. Fish is a fantastic source of the vital omega 3 fats EPA and DHA. But we may not get enough fish in our diet to provide these essential fats or we might be concerned about the quality of fish and presence of pollutants. That’s where using a fish oil supplement can be helpful, but how do you choose one that is healthful and will make a difference?

How Do You Choose the Best Fish Oil?

It’s important your fish oil is natural rather than synthetic, pure, sustainably sourced and effective. BioCare® fish oils are all of these things. And more.


Purity is vital because fish can pick up a lot of contaminants from polluted waters. Our fish oil comes from wild anchovies and sardines swimming in clear pacific waters. Because these small fish are low down the food chain, they accumulate minimal levels of pollutants. They are then further purified during manufacture using the best possible technology and so easily exceed all levels of purity set out by the EU’s stringent standards. There is no purer fish oil available on the market.

It’s also important to protect a fish oil’s purity after opening, when the delicate oils are exposed to oxygen. Peroxidation can increase quite rapidly. We use our effective Multox® antioxidant system which has been shown to protect the oils from rancidity for up to 4 months after opening.

Sustainably Sourced

The fish we use are from deep waters off the coast of Peru in sustainable fisheries. There is no risk of overfishing and in fact, the fish stock population has not changed in size or diversity for over 30 years.


Our fish oils are all natural ‘triglyceride’ form, just as they are found in food. This form is known to be the best for the body to use. Other forms such as ethyl ester deliver high levels of EFAs, but have been chemically synthesised to do so and are ultimately not as well used by the body. So, although they may look high in strength, they may not deliver what they claim.


Whether your fish oil actually works is, of course, most important of all. Our fish oils are optimally bioavailable. In most products we use a natural NEO-3® lipase enzyme process to naturally concentrate the essential fats, just as the body would do when digesting them. It also makes them easier to digest.

Some of our liquids are also emulsified using our BioMulsion® process. This increases their effectiveness for everyone, especially for those people who have problems with digesting fats. In one scientific study, BioMulsion® increased absorption of EPA threefold and DHA twofold.


We also have a range of products to suit everyone. From capsules to tasty liquids, and for adults and children. If you want to avoid fish oil, then we even have a great range of vegetarian and vegan essential fatty acids.

Our top fatty acid picks include:

  • Mega EPA – Simple, powerful, pure and natural everyday fish oil in a capsule form. Also great to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • BioMulsion® OmegaPlex – a perfect mixture of omega 3, 6 & 9 in just the right ratios from pure fish and vegetable sources. It’s emulsified using our BioMulsion® process, making it really easy to digest and absorb. Perfect if you have digestive problems or just want an optimally effective product.
  • OmegaCare – our most powerful fish oil product, delivering an incredible 5g of fish oil per teaspoon. Pure and simple oil flavoured with natural orange oil.
  • Children's OmegaCare - a potent and highly concentrated fish oil derived from anchovies and sardines, flavoured with sweet orange oil. This great tasting liquid can be taken neat or mixed with water or juice and provides EPA & DHA.
  • Our groundbreaking new plant-based Vegan Omega-3 capsules, which give essential fats EPA and DHA derived from algae.

BioCare’s fatty acid range delivers potency, efficacy, naturalness, purity and sustainability, so choosing the right fish oil for you no longer needs to be complicated.

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