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BioCare Children’s Supplement Praised in Daily Telegraph

BioCare Children’s Supplement Praised in Daily Telegraph
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It can be challenging at times to persuade and help a child to eat a healthy diet. A fascinating article in The Daily Telegraph, published on the 13th of January 2018, tackled the issue by suggesting a range of healthy and delicious snacks which children will enjoy, whilst being great for them too.

From ideas like wholegrain breads, vegetables and fruits, to egg frittatas and seed mixes; the Daily Telegraph has some great suggestions for parents to consider. At the end of the list, the author raised the question of multivitamins, and what might be an ideal choice to provide any nutrients missing from a child’s diet.

The author asked nutritionist Mary van der Westhuizen for her thoughts, and as a solution to this quandary she recommended BioCare® Children’s Complete Complex.

As the Department of Health suggests that children over the age of 6 months are given a vitamin supplement containing at least vitamins A, C and D - BioCare® Children’s Complex goes above and beyond, in containing an extensive range of nutrients to support healthy growth.

Shop for BioCare® Children’s Complex, from £16.96 for 150g.

Read the full article here.

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