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Live Bacteria - Your Questions Answered

Live Bacteria - Your Questions Answered
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Frequently Asked Questions

How strong should a good live bacteria supplement be?

Most clinical studies demonstrate a significant benefit when a dose of 10 billion bacteria or more has been used. So our range includes formulations providing from 10 to 130 billion organisms, to ensure they are effective.

Why does BioCare only use 4 types of bacteria in most of their supplements?

We're only interested in what works, to support people's health. It's actually impossible to try to emulate the variety of the gut flora and we don't necessarily fully understand its complex nature. Instead, we aim to provide the right bacteria in the right quantities, known to affect the gut ecosystem as a whole and in a more natural way.

What are 'prebiotics' FOS and why are they necessary?

Prebiotics are food for the live bacteria and increase their effectiveness. So, almost all of our products are 'synbiotic', combining both prebiotics and live bacteria.

Are BioCare live bacteria supplements dairy-free?

Almost all. We use galactooligosaccharides (GOS) derived from milk in one product - Baby BioFlora. GOS is a prebiotic that is naturally present in breast milk.

Can I give live bacteria to my child?

Absolutely - Baby Infantis Powder or Baby BioFlora, which are suitable from birth to around one year old, Strawberry or Banana BioAcidophilus for general everyday use, and BioAcidophilus Powder (at quarter teaspoon from 1) if a stronger dose is needed. Our Children's Red Berry BioMelts are also a popular choice for kids!

Can I take BioCare live bacteria during pregnancy?

Our BioFlora products were used in a clinical trial demonstrating their absolute safety and efficacy for both mother and baby. However, other live bacteria products, such as BioAcidophilus or BioAcidophilus Forte can also be used safely in pregnancy.

Can I take BioCare live bacteria whilst taking antibiotics?

Definitely, and we'd encourage you to do so. We recommend they are taken 2-3 hours apart to avoid any interaction. The best product in this situation is BioAcidophilus Forte.

Can I take live bacteria supplements whilst travelling abroad?

You can use our shelf stable Everyday BioAcidophilus as it maintains its potency until end of shelf life without being chilled. Even our refrigerated products will maintain their high potency when not refrigerated for at least a month or two, if you prefer to use them. So don't let the high temperatures put you off packing your bugs and have a great holiday!

Are BioCare live bacteria stable?

Live bacteria need to stay that way to get to where they need to be. They are sensitive to heat, light and moisture. Our bacteria are freeze dried to protect them, extremely robust, and proven to be stomach acid resistant. We don't need special capsules to protect them. Our new glass, wide neck bottles now have an air-tight seal instead of the rubber stopper and we’ve added a new superior, high tech ‘molecular sieve’ (you’ll find it within the bottle in a form of a small orange capsule). This absorbs moisture, keeping the bacteria fresher and stable for even longer.

Why do some BioCare live bacteria need to be kept in the fridge?

All BioCare live bacteria products are guaranteed to the very end of shelf life. An important way of keeping the bacteria alive is to chill them and so our stronger products tend to use this method to achieve high numbers of bacteria for longer. However, thanks to the technology used and our specially-designed packaging, it’s not a problem if you leave your live bacteria product out of the fridge for a few hours or even a few days. Also, there is no need to keep the temperature low during postage so we don’t add ice packs to our parcels.

Are BioCare live bacteria safe?

The organisms in our live bacteria products are human strain with a completely safe history of use. BioCare refuses to compromise standards by using less well-researched strains.

Should I expect any side effects when taking BioCare live bacteria?

Sensitive individuals or those who have never taken live bacteria products before may find that they suffer a small amount of wind, bloating or loose stools. These symptoms will usually settle down after a few days and are actually a sign that the product is working. If the problem persists, you can reduce the dose and gradually increase it again over time.

Have any more questions?

Contact our friendly and knowledgable Clinical Nutrition team on +44(0)121 433 8702 or clinicalnutrition@biocare.co.uk.

To place an order call our customer service team on +44(0)121 433 3727, or visit biocare.co.uk. Deliveries over £25 are free.

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