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Discover our best selling supplements at biocare

The BioCare range includes over 200 products, and extends from vitamins and minerals to fish oils, live bacteria, antioxidants and beyond. If you’re not sure which BioCare product is best suited to your needs, it can be helpful to find out which ones are most popular with our customer base as a whole. On this page you will find details of our 12 best selling supplements. Or you can read more to discover what makes our best-sellers so popular.

Our best-selling supplements cover a wide range of product types. It is perhaps not surprising that our BioAcidophilus tops the list. Highly endorsed by practitioners across the UK, this high potency blend of LAB4 live bacteria is hypoallergenic, dairy-free and includes F.O.S. to support the live bacteria. Polyzyme Forte® – a combination of digestive enzymes and live bacteria – is another popular choice.

Choosing Mega EPA as your fish oil supplement provides the reassurance that you’re opting for a high quality product with no detectable PCBs or contaminants. Derived from anchovies and sardines, and rich in EPA and DHA, the fish oil goes through our unique, patented NEO-3 process, ensuring optimal quality and potency.

Our best-selling multinutrient supplements include One A Day Vitamins & Minerals, FemForte® Multi – a formulation specifically designed by clinical toxicologist Alan Hibberd to support women’s health – and Children’s Complete Complex. Other popular vitamin products include B Complex, Vitamin C 1000 and Nutrisorb® Liquid Methylfolate, which provides folate in its most potent and bioavailable form.

A magnesium supplement is a popular choice as the mineral carries out many vital functions in the body. By bonding magnesium with malic acid in our Magnesium Malate supplement, the mineral is better absorbed by the body.

BioCare AD206 is another best-selling product with its mix of B vitamins plus Siberian ginseng, licorice root and chromium, supporting wellbeing and helping to reduce fatigue. A tasty powder conveniently packaged in individual sachets, NT Intensive provides a combination of amino acids, lecithin and a unique form of lemon balm extract.

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  1. Save 25%
    Nutrisorb® Liquid Methyl FolGuard® 15ml

    Was £23.18

    Now £17.39

    Nutrisorb® Methyl FolGuard® is a high potency liquid supplement of optimally bioavailable, metabolically active forms of vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin) and folate (as methylfolate) to support healthy methylation. Learn More
  2. Save 25%
    AD 206 60 Capsules

    Was £12.68

    Now £9.51

    AD206 contains vitamin B6, niacin & pantothenic acid with Siberian ginseng, licorice root and chromium. Vitamins B3, B5, B6 and C contribute to normal energy metabolism and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Learn More
  3. Save 25%
    Children's Complete Complex (Multinutrient) 150g

    Was £17.48

    Now £13.11

    Children's Complete Complex is a comprehensive vitamin and mineral formula for children in a pleasant tasting, easy to use powder form. Learn More
  4. Save 25%
    Polyzyme Forte®

    Was £12.34

    Now £9.25

    A high potency combination of vegetable-derived enzymes such as bromelain, lipase, protease, amylase, cellulose, lactase and maltase with Lactobacillus acidophilus live probiotic bacteria. Learn More
  5. Save 25%
    Vitamin C 1000

    Was £10.36

    Now £7.77

    As low as: £7.76
    Vitamin C 1000 provides 1000mg of citrus-free magnesium ascorbate (a low-acid form of vitamin C) with the bioflavonoids bilberry and grapeseed extract. Learn More
  6. Save 25%
    Magnesium Malate 90 Capsules

    Was £14.09

    Now £10.57

    Magnesium Malate provides a complex of malic acid and magnesium. Magnesium contributes to a number of important functions including normal muscle function and maintenance of normal bones and teeth as well as contributing to normal energy metabolism. Learn More
  7. Save 25%
    One A Day Vitamins & Minerals

    Was £27.53

    Now £20.65

    A premium strength, broad spectrum, one-a-day multinutrient. It has a high mineral bioavailability including iron and boron. An ideal everyday supplement and even suitable for those with dietary intolerances. Learn More
  8. Save 25%
    Mega EPA

    Was £11.32

    Now £8.49

    As low as: £8.48
    Mega EPA is a high potency fish oil capsule providing omega-3 fatty acids in a natural triglyceride form, naturally concentrated using NEO-3™ - a unique lipase enzyme process which results in a fish oil of outstanding quality and high potency. Learn More
  9. Save 25%

    Was £24.70

    Now £18.52

    BioAcidophilus is a high potency blend of the LAB4 complex of live probiotic bacteria. Each capsule contains 10 billion viable bacteria, 20 billion per daily intake. Learn More
  10. Save 25%
    NT Intensive 84g

    Was £28.79

    Now £21.59

    As low as: £21.59
    A unique, high potency powder combining a blend of amino acids, lecithin and the unique ingredient Cyracos® (Lemon balm extract) for nervous system and energy support. Learn More

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