We are delighted to be supporting Dr Justin Roberts, Senior Lecturer and researcher specialising in performance and functional nutrition in relation to sport, health and exercise physiology at Anglia Ruskin University, in a new clinical study. If you, or someone you know are looking to get fit and lose weight for the summer, then read more about how to become a participant.

Green Tea and Weight Loss Study


Participants needed for a major Green Tea & Exercise Study

STUDY TITLE: The Effect of Green Tea Supplementation Strategies on Fat Oxidation and Body Composition in Overweight Individuals

This study aims to evaluate the effects of green tea extract in conjunction with an exercise programme on healthy individuals looking to improving their health, fitness and bodyweight:

The main study will take place between January and May 2019 depending on which group you start in. You will be randomly assigned to either green tea or placebo condition, and will take part in an 8 week exercise programme. You will be monitored at week 2, 4 and 8 of the programme for health markers, body composition and overall fitness.

Timeframe: January – May 2019 (pending which group you start in)

Study Eligibility: Females aged between 18-55 years old; males aged 18-45 years old. Generally healthy, no underlying medical conditions, not taking any current nutritional supplements. Willing to undertake an 8 week exercise and supplement programme and self-monitor dietary intake, as well as commitment to the study protocol. You will be required to attend the Cambridge Centre for Sport and Exercise Sciences, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge for baseline testing, and at weeks 2,4 and 8 of the exercise programme. This study is supported by BioCare Ltd®.

Benefits of taking part: free assessment of fitness and body composition throughout the programme; general advice on training and nutrition. A great way to get fit for the summer!

For more information or to express your interest please contact

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