Fatty Acids

Fatty Acids

A Wide Range Of Fatty Acid Supplements To Support A Healthy Diet

Our bodies can’t create essential fatty acids (EFAs) – also known as ‘good fats’ - so it’s important that we have them in our diet. Fatty acids are important for children’s growth and our overall metabolism. They are found in oils from plants (omega-6 ALA and GLA) and fish (omega-3 EPA and DHA).

BioCare's ® Fatty Acid Supplement range contains everyday and high strength essential fatty acids in capsule and liquid forms, as well as including vegetarian and vegan options.

Our Customers’ Favourites

Our BioMulsion® range is emulsified using our unique BioCare® process to dramatically increase the bioavailability of the oils. The range includes great tasting JointGuard®, a combination of pure fish oil concentrate blended with glucosamine hydrochloride, vitamin E and ginger. The range also includes sources of high potency fish oil liquid with a tasty, fruity base.

In our MicroCell® range the fatty acids have been ‘micellised’ by our unique MicroCell&reg process to ensure effective absorption and delivery to the body. CoQ10 capsules deliver a combination of the co-enzyme Q10, olive oil and vitamin E. CoQ10 Plus Omega combines co-enzyme Q10 with concentrated fish oil, vitamins E and C. Our MicroCell&reg Essential Fatty Acids capsules provide an ideal balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids from linseed and borage oils.

Mega EPA is one of our best-selling EFA lines and it consists of high potency fish oil capsules which provide omega-3 fatty acids in a natural triglyceride form. This essential fatty acid supplement is great for daily use, as well as being suitable for pregnant women.

Something Different

OmegaCare® is a highly concentrated fish oil derived from anchovies and sardines, flavoured with natural orange oil for a great tasting liquid that can be taken on its own or mixed with water or juice.

Our Mega GLA Complex provides emulsified omega-6 fatty acids from borage oil. Each capsule provides approximately four times as much GLA (180mg) as a 500mg capsule of evening primrose oil/ .

Vegan Omega-3 is one of the first supplements available in the UK to give vegetarians and vegans important EPA & DHA produced from natural algae.

Discover all these fatty acid supplements and more below and if you require any additional information, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team.