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How To Adapt To The New (Ab)Normal

By Raihane Palagi 2 years ago 9449 Views

Many moments in history have turned the world upside down and changed the way we live, work, behave, and think in such a rapid and abrupt way. The last year and a half has been a turning point for humanity, changing the very fabric of the way we live. While some have rejoiced in the idea of working from the comfort of their home and continued to work relatively as normal, others have been severely affected financially, physically, and/or mentally. There is no doubt that the current pandemic has affected us all in one way or another and unveiled many pre-existing problems - from ethnic and socio-economic to health inequalities.

As we enter this new phase of trying to get back to normal, we are also avidly following the latest news updates and many of us are growing concerned about what the future holds. We have an opportunity to reflect on how we have been doing so far during this pandemic, how we can best support ourselves moving forwards, and how we can grow through this experience, stronger and wiser.