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IBS & SIBO – Is avoiding fibre obsolete?

By Marta Anhelush Yesterday 160 Views

Fibre – Friend or Foe? If you have digestive symptoms or have been diagnosed with IBS or SIBO, you might have been advised to avoid fibre or follow a ‘low FODMAP diet’. But is this advice obsolete and shall we all embrace easing a high fibre diet?

Read our latest blog where we discover the latest research into the use of pre and probiotics for digestive issues.

Love your gut? Try this smoothie

By Marta Anhelush 8 days ago 5198 Views

Are you looking for a simple and delicious way to support your gut? Or maybe you need an easy recipe to help you use your supplement in an enjoyable way?

We’ve got a perfect solution for you! Mango Lassi is a traditional yoghurt-based Indian drink, particularly enjoyed in the summer months, due to its cooling effect.

We’ve tweaked it slightly and supercharged it with some nutrient-dense and powerful powder blends to really nourish your gut and feed friendly bacteria.

Are you getting enough fibre?

By Raihane Palagi 10 days ago 2187 Views

How much fibre do you eat daily?

Watch our vlog on what exactly fibre is, what it does and how you can get more in your diet.

5 Reasons We Need Fibre

By Mariya Nikodimova 17 days ago 5156 Views

In the midst of multitude of dietary advice available to us these days, we find ourselves counting carbs, proteins or monitoring our intake of fat. But have we forgotten about a very key nutrient as a result of that? We’re talking about fibre.

Arguably the most under-valued, and at the same time the most health-promoting food group. Increasing your intake of fibre should be at the top of your list if you want to improve your health.

Find out why this simple intervention can benefit not only your digestion, but also your hormones, cardiovascular health, immunity and even help you lose weight faster.

5 Reasons You Need B Vitamins

By Mariya Nikodimova 24 days ago 10364 Views

Have you ever noticed that when you’re busy and stressed this can often leave you feeling worn out? Have you ever thought this may be due to you being low in B vitamins?

Read our latest blog to find out more and what you can do to support yourself.

Do I really need a multinutrient?

By Ellie Isom 1 month ago 4142 Views

‘Do I really need a multinutrient?’ The answer is most likely yes, you do!

Read our latest blog to find out why taking a multinutrient could be important and beneficial for you.

Spring Clean Your Health With NutriPowders

By Marta Anhelush 1 month ago 1029 Views

As Spring arrives, and plants burst into life all around us, how can you revitalise your health?

Watch our video on spring cleaning your health, just the way you need to, using the power of NutriPowders.

Discover The Power Of Nutripowders

By Chris Newbold 2 months ago 655 Views

If you find vitamins a tough pill to swallow, or you’re looking for more exciting ways to supercharge your morning smoothie, look no further than our new NutriPowders.

We all know that taking the nutritional products that we need can be a real chore. Sometimes it feels like we're constantly swallowing tablets or capsules! So we’ve designed three great new nutritional powder blends, to offer high potency, broad-ranging nutrition, designed around the power of plants.

Ditch the spring detox and go 24/7

By Raihane Palagi 2 months ago 14632 Views

Do you really need to do a spring detox? Or is your body already doing that on its own?

Read our latest blog to find out how your body deals with toxins on a 24/7 basis, and which foods can help you protect yourself in this toxic world.

Could the rise in allergy be linked to a decline in gut health?

By Lisa Beard 2 months ago 15031 Views

What is an allergy? How much of a problem are they to sufferers? How can probiotics help support the immune system?

Read our blog to learn about how using live bacteria can support your immunity and allergy symptoms.