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How To Sustain a Healthy, Glowing Life by Madeleine Shaw

How To Sustain a Healthy, Glowing Life by Madeleine Shaw
By Madeleine Shaw 6 months ago 6173 Views

How To Sustain a Healthy, Glowing Life

I partnered with BioCare because I’ve been a fan for years.

With so many different supplement brands out there now, I always used their products knowing they would be high quality and each supplement equally effective! For me that is SO important for sustaining a healthy, glowing life. Not only that, they show passion through understanding health and sharing their knowledge with anyone and everyone that wants it.

I first started taking BioAcidophillus, about 3 years ago, when I was struggling with gut problems and my energy was low. Along with being an all-natural probiotic, it was instantly effective. Still to this day, I use it alongside their Zinc Citrate with helps with energy levels and boosts my immunity.

However, I believe it’s your whole lifestyle that reflects the health and welfare of your body and my mission has always been to help, guide and inspire people on how to do that.

Here are my four top-tips for sustaining a healthy glow this year:

1. Nourish your body with nutrition-rich foods:

There are so many superfoods, but my favourites to include everyday are:

  • A handful of nuts
  • Leafy greens (as a side or as a salad, they are a must)
  • Salmon - one of the most nutrient-dense foods there is! Bake with a dollop of miso paste, so simple and so tasty.
  • Blueberries - delicious, great for sweetening and full of antioxidants. I have them every morning in my smoothie

2. Stay hydrated!

Water is the most underrated thing for glowing skin, digestion and overall health. I aim to have 2 litres a day. Something that really helps to ensure I’m getting enough fluids in, is the Daily Water app, which will remind me when to drink and tells me if I’m not drinking enough. I simply love it.

3. Yoga

Yoga has truly changed my life and is something I really look forward to doing. It not only gets you moving, but is a great tool for calming the nervous system, helping to promote relaxation and reduce stress. This overall promotes a happier and healthier life. I could not recommend it enough.

4. ME, I can help!

Sometimes you need a little helping hand, and though I’m biased, my book ‘Get The Glow’ is the little helping hand that you are after. Every mouth-watering dish is easy to make, contains ingredients that can be found in your local supermarket and won’t break the budget. It also, includes a six-week plan, advice on kitchen cupboard essentials and eating out and my practical guidance on how to embrace GET THE GLOW as a lifestyle for good.

Lots of love,

Madeleine. Xx


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