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9 Reasons why you should take Liquid Vitamins or Minerals

By Administrator 4 years ago 13112 Views

We understand that nutrition is individual. Not everyone has the same needs in terms of the nutrients that are key for them, the optimal amount to support their health, or how they prefer or need to take their supplements. In fact the way we want to take our supplements is changing with people often preferring to combine different supplements into one dose, often blending it into a juice or smoothie for taste and convenience.

Supplements in Sport

By Administrator 4 years ago 7409 Views

Success in sport depends on many factors, but when everything else is equal, nutrition can make the difference between winning and losing.

Top Tips for Tip Top Children's Health

By Administrator 4 years ago 5150 Views

It’s important to meet the nutritional needs of your children so they stay happy and healthy. Our handy top tips for gold star nutrition are perfect for making small changes into your child’s routine to help support their immunity for back to school

Don't be SAD this winter

By Administrator 3 years ago 22658 Views

With the government now recommending Vitamin D supplements for everyone, we take a look at the link between SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and the benefits of Vitamin D supplementation, to prepare for the onset of winter and changes of the seasons.

The Pro-Child Study: Exploring the Link Between Probiotics and Respiratory Health

By Administrator 3 years ago 9829 Views

Children are at high risks of catching infections such as colds and flus due to their immature immune systems, and being in environments such as schools and nurseries where infections can be passed on easily from one child to another. The prescription of antibiotics to children in the UK is 700 prescriptions/1000 children per year.[i] It is suggested that 30% of antibiotic prescriptions are unnecessary as many of these infections are caused by viruses including common colds, bronchitis and sinus and ear infections, whereby an antibiotic (antibacterial) will be ineffective.[ii]

Tired all the Time?

By Administrator 3 years ago 8664 Views

This article is about the body’s response to stress, low energy levels and what we can do to help sustain our energy levels.

Probiotics or Prebiotics

By Administrator 3 years ago 37523 Views

What's the difference between a prebiotic and probiotics? We explain the key differences and how they benefit and nurture good digestive health.

Magnesium – The one nutrient we can’t do without?

By Administrator 3 years ago 39920 Views

In this article we look at the importance of magnesium in your diet

Methylation – The Missing Link in Personalised Nutrition

By Administrator 3 years ago 82583 Views

Perhaps one of our most critical processes that underpins our health and well-being is one called methylation. This process which underlies so many body functions is the addition of a ‘methyl group’ to other molecules. Yet this seemingly simple chemical process, occurring billions of times every second, is important for our mood, brain function, supporting energy levels, detoxifying harmful substances, helping our immune system, supporting growth and repair, and lots more. It's a process that is called upon a lot when we are under stress, so can potentially become depleted. And perhaps, you could argue, it’s something we all need to make sure we’re supporting. Are you one of those people?

A Nutritional Approach to Menopause

By Administrator 3 years ago 32940 Views

Menopause for a woman is a time she is transitioning into a new phase of her life. This is a time for liberation, change and celebration. However for many it can be a difficult transition that can be painfully drawn out due to a number of lifestyle and emotional factors. Nutritionally speaking, we can support that woman into the next phase of her life by supplying her with the nutrients her body needs to successfully make that transition. Read more...