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Education Series 2019

Education Series 2019
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FREE WEBINAR: The Five Elements of Health

Tuesday 24th September 6 - 7:30pm BST (GMT+1)

Our health is highly dependent on 5 basic processes...chronobiology, diet, sleep, physical activity and environment. How these link together forms a powerful influence on the balance of our health.

Alex Ferretti details each area in turn and what we can do to influence them using the very latest concepts and ideas from his own and others' research and lending his own unique perspective.

1.5 Hour CPD Pending (BANT, NNA, NTOI, ANP)

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Education Series Autumn and Winter 2019

Continuing our exploration of complex health issues, using practical real-world case studies, we have two new ground-breaking presentations for you this autumn! Treat yourself to a day out with us at an event near you, to revise your knowledge, experience new perspectives and protocols, and network with your local colleagues.

All BioCare events offer 4 hours FREE CPD and are packed full of revision, innovative research and concepts, and practical protocols from leading experts. You get a free colour handout, pdf, product samples, access to additional online content AND an exclusive product offer on the day.


Exploring Our Ecological Interface

With the BioCare Clinical Nutrition Team (Chris Newbold, Marta Anhelush & Emily Blake)


We are integrated into a complex ecosystem and have evolved to survive within it – ‘rooted’ into our biological environment, like a plant thriving within the earth. Our adaptation to bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi and other potential biological antigens is mediated by our complex, highly developed immune system and barrier interfaces including the gut and lungs. However, this complex relationship is fragile and susceptible to dysfunction. In this seminar we take a comprehensive overview of how we maintain immune harmony, and what happens when it goes wrong. We begin by examining immune surveillance, tolerance, the process of inflammation, regulation, autoimmunity and allergy. Then we zoom in on our key mediating ‘biological interface’, the gut, particularly the microbiome, essential to many aspects of health.This comprehensive overview incorporates a range of key nutritional and lifestyle protocols you can use in clinical practice, based around the ‘Adaptive Health’ approach and using real case study examples. Case studies include inflammation and allergic response and gut dysfunction/SIBO.

Wed 18 Sept Becketts Farm Birmingham BOOK NOW
Thurs 19 Sept Nottingham Contemporary* Nottingham BOOK NOW
Fri 20 Sept Manchester Art Gallery Manchester BOOK NOW
Sat 28 Sept Jury's Inn Stroudley Road Brighton BOOK NOW
Tues 8 Oct Bute Park Education Centre Cardiff BOOK NOW
Wed 9 Oct Exeter Library Exeter BOOK NOW
Thurs 10 Oct Penny Brohn Centre** Bristol BOOK NOW
Wed 23 Oct The Circle Sheffield BOOK NOW
Thurs 24 Oct Kings Manor York BOOK NOW
Fri 8 Nov Hilton Double Tree Cambridge BOOK NOW
Sat 9 Nov Cavendish Conference Centre London BOOK NOW
Thurs 28 Nov CNELM College Wokingham BOOK NOW
Wed 4 Dec Apex International* Edinburgh BOOK NOW
*New Venue

** £7 lunch option

All times 10am-3.30pm



Meaningful Change for Clients

A Clinical Masterclass with Alessandro Ferretti


‘…As they try to change, their worlds are immune to your consultations’ (David Bowie)

Clients are presenting with increasingly complex problems, and with greater expectations of success. Creating a good protocol isn’t enough. Instead, we need to engage with our clients, choose effective goals, personalise their plan, and facilitate genuine change. Alessandro Ferretti offers his broad and long-standing experience, in clinical work and coaching clients and practitioners, to help you design the most practical and effective protocols and engage your client to achieve sustainable change. Packed with real-life examples, this is an essential event to enhance your clinical practice.

Thurs 5 Sept Bute Park Education Centre Cardiff BOOK NOW
Sat 7 Sept Cavendish Conference Centre London BOOK NOW
Thurs 17 Oct Apex International* Edinburgh BOOK NOW
Wed 6 Nov Jury's Inn Stroudley Road Brighton BOOK NOW
Tues 19 Nov Becketts Farm Birmingham BOOK NOW
Thurs 21 Nov Manchester Art Gallery Manchester BOOK NOW
Wed 11 Dec Penny Brohn Centre** Bristol BOOK NOW
*New Venue

**£7 lunch option

All times 10am-3.30pm


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