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New Education Series 2019

New Education Series 2019
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New Webinar - Chemical Cascade

Detoxification Explained...


Free Webinar

Thursday 2nd May

6:00-7:30pm BST (GMT+1)

1.5 Hour CPD Pending (BANT, NNA, NTOI)


Life is largely a matter of chemistry…

We’re immersed in external and internal toxins, continually being processed by our sophisticated and highly adaptive detoxification systems.

Just how well do we manage this chemical ‘cocktail’? How is it influenced by genetics, the environment and other systems, impacting in particular our hormonal and immune balance?

We look at specific clinical examples using the Adaptive Health approach.

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The BioCare Conference - Spring 2019

Metabolic Impacts on Chronic Disease


Wednesday 15th May

Old Trafford - Manchester

9.30am - 5.00pm

Refreshments and lunch included


Four pioneering experts in the field of nutrition and metabolism outline the key role metabolic dysfunction plays in the development of chronic disease.

Impacts of Blood Glucose and Diabetes

Dr Abbi Lulsegged (BSc MBBS MRCP FRCP) is a consultant physician with specialist interest in endocrinology and diabetes. He has a passionate interest in functional medicine matched by his passion for Endocrinology and sees patients who have unexplained symptoms, unexplained illnesses, obesity and reversing type 2 diabetes, when conditions allow. He believes strongly in trying to determine the root cause(s) of a patient's problems and treating patients holistically. He enjoys teaching and has lectured at international conferences, grand rounds, academic half-days, GP talks and on professional MRCP courses, all of which reflects his broad extra-curricular interests.

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

Dr Rachel Nicoll (PhD, MSc, Dip ION) is a medical researcher employed in both Umea University, Sweden and Helsinki University, Finland. She regularly lectures in Environmental Medicine and other topics in the UK and will be talking about endocrine disrupting chemicals and their involvement in chronic disease.

The Inflammatory Cascade

Alessandro Ferretti (Dip ION mBANT NTCC CNHC) has practised Nutritional Therapy for over 15 years and is a regular lecturer at UK Nutrition and Naturopathic colleges, as well as lecturing internationally on the subject of ketogenic diet and human performance. His specific research interests include environmental impact on physiology (the 'big five': food, physical activity, life-load, sleep and chronobiology). He will be looking at the key factors that influence inflammation, and the important role they play in chronic disease.

Endocrine Dysfunction and Chronic Disease – A Naturopathic Perspective

Dr Roderick Lane (ND) is a leading Naturopath, lecturer and author. He has been practising natural medicine for the last 35 years, specialising in endocrine issues and fertility. He takes a naturopathic perspective on the wider endocrine system, including thyroid function, and links to gut health. He will look at some key disorders such as CFS, PCOS and other disorders that respond to modifying gut bacteria and stabilising blood sugar.

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Wed 15 May Old Trafford, Manchester £70 BOOK HERE


Promoting Health Adaptation in a Complex World

Education Series 2019

We can define health as the ability to ‘adapt and self-manage in the face of social, physical, and emotional challenge’. Our ever-changing modern environment represents a complex potential burden that we may not have adapted to biologically. Understanding the dynamic interaction between our innate predisposition, the impact of the environment, and mediating physiological processes is the key to maintaining optimum health. This results in our being ‘uniquely adapted’ and we need a fresh, truly personalised and holistic approach to solve such complex modern health problems. If you’re up for the challenge, then check out our free BioCare Education events in your area and join us for a great day out of networking, new protocols, and learning about an innovative way of supporting your clients.


Nutritional Kintsugi -

Clinical Protocols for Imperfect Health

With the BioCare Clinical Nutrition Team (Chris Newbold, Marta Anhelush & Emily Blake)


A comprehensive overview of some of the key nutritional and lifestyle protocols for clinical practice, using an ‘Adaptive Health’ approach and real case study examples.

How is the Japanese concept of ‘repairing what is broken’ and ‘accepting imperfection’ relevant to clinical practice? Our health is the result of dynamic interactions between our potential, environment and our mediating physiological processes, resulting in our unique adaptation, holding us together in ‘imperfect balance’.

We use four real case studies to illustrate the complex interactions between a range of key adaptive processes, zooming in on nervous function (depression/anxiety), energy (chronic fatigue syndrome/fibromyalgia/Hashimoto’s), immunity (inflammation, infectious load and links to gut health), and hormonal balance (PCOS), showing you practical strategies to regain a better state of balance and health.

Wed 1 May Exeter Library* Exeter BOOK HERE
Tue 7 May Silver Springs Cork BOOK HERE
Wed 8 May Connacht Hotel Dublin Road Galway BOOK HERE
Thur 9 May Red Cow Hotel* Dublin BOOK HERE
Wed 5 Jun Norloch House* Edinburgh BOOK HERE
Thur 13 Jun Kings Manor York BOOK HERE
Tue 18 Jun CNELM College Wokingham BOOK HERE
Wed 19 Jun Jurys Inn Brighton BOOK HERE
Thur 4 Jul Hilton Doubletree Cambridge BOOK HERE

*New Venue

All times 10am-3.30pm

4 CPD hours (BANT/NNA/NTOI) applied for.


Nurturing Your Nature

5 Elements of Health

With Alessandro Ferretti


Our health is highly dependent on 5 basic processes – chrono-biology, diet, sleep, physical activity, and environment. How these link together forms a powerful influence on the balance of our health and the development of disease. Alex details each area in turn and what we can do to influence them using the very latest concepts and ideas from his own and others research and lending his own unique perspective. In particular he will discuss circadian rhythm and its interaction with meal timings, metabolic impacts and limitations of ketogenic diets, sleep, life-load, AHPA axis function, and the effects of environmental toxicity.

Fri 24 May Hilton Doubletree Cambridge BOOK NOW
Sat 25 May Cavendish Conference Centre London BOOK NOW
Tue 25 Jun Penny Brohn Centre Bristol BOOK NOW
Wed 26 Jun Exeter Library* Exeter BOOK NOW
Thur 27 Jun Bute Park Education Centre Cardiff BOOK NOW
Tue 2 Jul Jurys Inn* Nottingham BOOK NOW
Wed 3 Jul The Circle* Sheffield BOOK NOW
Wed 10 Jul Becketts Farm Birmingham BOOK NOW
Thu 11 Jul Manchester Art Gallery Manchester BOOK NOW

*New Venue

All times 10am-3.30pm


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