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Live Bacteria - Frequently Asked Questions

Live Bacteria - Frequently Asked Questions
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What is so special about BioCare® Live Bacteria products?

Not all live bacteria products are equal, and there are a baffling number of choices. How do you choose one that is going to give you the best possible support? We make it easy for you because our live bacteria products are designed and used by experts and have been the choice of health professionals for 30 years. This is because they’ve been designed by the UK’s top probiotic researchers, used in clinical trials and successfully by clinicians with their clients. We use only the right types of bacteria in the right quantities to have maximum effect. Our bacteria are safe to use with everyone - We only use strains with excellent safety records in clinical trials and that naturally live in the human gut. They have guaranteed potency at the end of shelf life. Our products are designed to be stable in storage so you’re guaranteed to get what you need. They are stable in the gut - live bacteria need to stay that way and get to where they need to be. Our bacteria are stomach acid resistant and stick to the gut wall. We have the right live bacteria product for everyone - adults, children, babies, in pregnancy – including different strengths and forms such as capsules, powders and our unique BioMelts™. They are Pure – simple, straightforward formulations with only the ingredients you actually need and free from common allergens like dairy, so vegan-friendly.

How many organisms are needed in a live bacteria product?

The level that supports the clinical research for the application. Normally, higher doses of live bacteria are more effective for most uses and there are few clinical studies demonstrating a significant benefit where a dose of less than 10 billion bacteria has been used. The data on L rhamnosus GG however showed excellent results with children at a much lower level of just a few billion.

Why does BioCare® usually use just 4 types of bacteria in most of their products?

We’re only interested in what works, to support people’s health. It’s actually impossible to try to emulate the variety of the gut flora and we don’t necessarily fully understand its complex nature. In fact, evidence suggests that many benefits of live bacteria may be transient and functional, rather than influencing the gut microbiota balance directly. So the sensible thing to do is to choose only those strains known to have a positive effect and use them in sufficient numbers to make a difference. More strains do not necessarily equate to greater effectiveness. Based on clinical studies what we do know is that providing the right bacteria in the right quantity affects the gut ecosystem as a whole and in a more natural way. So you will have positive effects on the whole diversity of the gut if you take a live bacteria product you can trust to make a difference. Products with multiple types of bacteria might seem appealing, but how do you know that combination and ratio of bacteria works, especially in the absence of any studies to show how they work together?

What is F.O.S. and why is it necessary?

We believe that synbiotic products, which combine both prebiotics (including fructooligosaccharides or F.O.S.) and live bacteria, are normally more effective than live bacteria alone. There is some misleading information that prebiotics increase pathogenic bacteria, but in fact all the scientific evidence available shows that prebiotics preferentially increase beneficial bacteria and decrease pathogenic bacteria. Sometimes some people may experience symptoms when taking a synbiotic product, perhaps because of transient effects on gut bacteria, and in this case we suggest reducing the dose and increasing gradually to reduce any temporary effects. In cases where prebiotics seem to be problematical in the medium and long term, our Mindlinx® capsules may be used as they do not contain any prebiotics.

Are BioCare® live bacteria products dairy-free?

Yes, all of our live bacteria products are dairy-free, except for Baby BioFlora.

Can I give BioCare® live bacteria to my child?

Live bacteria products are beneficial for adults and children alike. We would normally recommend lower dose live bacteria products for children such as Baby lnfantis Powder or Baby BioFlora, which are suitable from birth to around one year old, or Children’s Strawberry / Banana BioAcidophilus (from 6 months old) and Children’s Red Berry BioMelts™ (from 3 years) for general everyday use. For older children other live bacteria products can be used, too, so for further advice please contact our Clinical Nutrition team.

Can I take BioCare® live bacteria during pregnancy?

Our live bacteria products are suitable for use during pregnancy. In fact, our BioFlora products are the only live bacteria products on a market with a clinical trial demonstrating its absolute safety for both mother and baby. However, other live bacteria products, such as Everyday BioAcidophilus or BioAcidophilus Forte can also be used in pregnancy.

Can I take BioCare® live bacteria whilst taking a course of antibiotics?

It is beneficial to take live bacteria products during and after a course of antibiotics to support gut bacteria when it has been compromised, and to prevent antibiotic-associated diarrhoea. We do recommend that they are taken 2-3 hours away from each other to avoid any interaction. If possible, we suggest BioAcidophilus Forte.

Should I take BioCare® live bacteria whilst travelling abroad?

Topping up with our live bacteria products to help support your gastrointestinal health may help when you are exposed to different bacteria in food and water abroad. You can use our new shelf stable Everyday BioAcidophilus as it maintains its potency until end of shelf life without being chilled. Even our refrigerated products will maintain their high potency when not refrigerated for at least a month or two, if you prefer to use them. So don’t let the high temperatures put you off and take your live bacteria products with you!

What is the best time to take my BioCare® live bacteria?

Our live bacteria products have been specially selected because of their excellent resistance to stomach acid and do not require any special capsule coating to protect them. However, we recommend they are taken with food to be at their most effective. You can take them away from food if you need to be. They will be little less effective that way, but still hugely beneficial due to the high numbers.

Are BioCare® live bacteria stable?

Live bacteria are sensitive to heat, light and moisture. We use a freeze-drying process to preserve the bacteria. These are quickly reactivated in the body. Live bacteria products that are not freeze dried, like those in liquid form, are less stable and more prone to deterioration, with shorter shelf life. They may be already live, but not for long.

Why do BioCare® live bacteria need to be kept in the fridge?

All of our live bacteria products are guaranteed to the very end of shelf life. An important way of keeping the bacteria alive is to chill them and so our stronger live bacteria products tend to use this method to achieve high numbers of bacteria. We can now use new technology like ‘Triphase’ to produce shelf stable products such as our Everyday BioAcidophilus or BioPlantarum Plus Sterols. If necessary, our refrigerated live bacteria products will also survive well for a few months out of the fridge once opened.

Are BioCare® live bacteria safe?

Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium are found in large numbers in a normal healthy gastrointestinal tract. These bacteria are non-pathogenic and have never been implicated in causing any infection. In fact, they actively promote the health of the gastrointestinal system. The organisms in our live bacteria products are human strain with a completely safe history of use. We refuse to compromise standards by using less well-researched strains.

Should I expect any side effects when taking BioCare® live bacteria?

Sensitive individuals or those who have never taken live bacteria products before may find that they suffer a small amount of wind, bloating or loose stools during the first days of supplementation. These symptoms will usually settle down after a few days and are actually a sign that the product is working. lf the problem persists, we recommend reducing the dose and gradually increasing it again over time.

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