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Energise! The Energy Summit

By Education 11 months ago 17514 Views

Have you booked your place at the BioCare Energy Summit?

Neurodegeneration Conference

By Education 1 years ago 7817 Views

Neurodegeneration is the greatest threat to our society. Advances in genetics have shown us that there are certain predispositions to potential nervous disease, but also how pivotal the environment is to the development of serious conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. In this cumulative and multifactorial clinical picture, nutritional and lifestyle interventions can be immensely powerful.

In this advanced seminar, we gather together some leading thinkers in this area, detailing environmental, genetic and system adaptions involved in neurodegeneration, in line with our exciting new ‘adaptive health’ model.

Read on for more event details.

New - Education 2018 - Adaptive Health

By Laura Aston 2 years ago 22940 Views

Introducing...The Adaptive Health Education Series 2018.

View dates, locations and how to book here...