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BioCare’s Vegan Omega-3 Featured in Women’s Fitness

BioCare’s Vegan Omega-3 Featured in Women’s Fitness
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In this February’s issue of Women’s Fitness, we were excited to see our very own Vegan Omega-3 supplement mentioned as part of an article about developing a strong physique, through a range of free-weight and barbell exercises.

When discussing supplements which could help boost training performance, BioCare® Vegan Omega-3 was suggested by Women’s Health for its anti-inflammatory potential after a workout.

While many protein powders, sports bars and other nutritional products offer great vegan solutions, they often lack in the fatty acids required for muscle growth, development and maintenance which BioCare® Vegan Omega-3 can provide.

The DHA and EPA in BioCare® Vegan Omega-3 is extracted directly from algae, one of the few vegan sources of omega-3 oils and is approved by the Vegetarian Society; providing a great stock of essential fatty acids which contribute to the normal function of the heart, brain and eyes.

Find out more and shop for BioCare® Vegan Omega-3 on our website.

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