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BioCare’s Immune Intensive Featured on Mummy Fever

BioCare’s Immune Intensive Featured on Mummy Fever
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Mummy Fever is a fantastic online resource for mothers, offering a range of fascinating articles on topics from health, fashion, beauty and of course parenting. In an article published this new year, Mummy Fever asked, how can you help yourself overcome the winter blues, which often come with a busy lifestyle and poor weather?

The author made many good suggestions, such as regular exercise, plenty of fresh air and quality sleep. Also mentioned was BioCare® Immune Intensive; a powerful supplement which helps support a healthy immune system.

BioCare® Immune Intensive is created as a great tasting powder, ready to be mixed into drinks for easy consumption. As a great source of vitamins A, C, D and zinc, Immune Intensive provides the nutrients required for normal function of the immune system.

Shop for Immune Intensive, from £16.45 for 7 sachets.

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