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BioCare’s Clinical Nutritionist Interviewed by MSN

BioCare’s Clinical Nutritionist Interviewed by MSN
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Before December’s holiday season moved into full swing, MSN online asked renown nutritionists what people should eat when tending to a hangover. Manal Chouchane, one of our experienced Clinical Nutritionists and Nutritional Therapists, shared her advice on the topic.

In order to satisfy the craving experienced during a hangover for carbohydrates and foods rich in fat, she recommends a meal of guacamole on toast which features high quality fat, as well as coconut water for hydration and supplying the body with electrolyte balance.

Some portion of the unpleasantness from a hangover is caused by the body being depleted of essential vitamins and minerals. As Manal suggests, eating nutritious food is the best way to solve this. An alternative option to further support a balanced diet in providing a range of nutrients is a broad vitamin and mineral supplement, such as BioCare® Adult Vitamins and Minerals.

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