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Discover BioAcidophilus Forte F.O.S. Free

Discover BioAcidophilus Forte F.O.S. Free
By Clinical Nutrition 5 months ago 3498 Views

At Biocare we take your health seriously. We want you to enjoy a happy gut and a healthy life. That is why we choose just the right types of live bacteria used in the right quantities. We strive to provide a live bacteria product for everyone, from gentle potency powders to high strength capsules to suit individual needs.

Whilst we are big fans of fibre at BioCare, and often use the prebiotic FOS (fructooligosaccharides) in our products, we understand that some of our customers may prefer their live bacteria product without prebiotics, hence we recently added a FOS free version of our best-selling and practitioner favourite BioAcidophilus Forte - BioAcidophilus Forte F.O.S Free to our range.

It is a great alternative for those who are following a low FODMAP, SCD, or GAPS diet, or those of you who are particularly sensitive to prebiotic fibre but still want therapeutic levels of live bacteria.

About BioAcidophilus Forte F.O.S. Free

  • Clinically effective - BioAcidophilus Forte F.O.S Free provides 30 billion live bacteria per capsule, including the clinically researched LAB4 blend. Suitable for those wishing to use a premium strength live bacteria supplement
  • LAB4 is a propriety, multi-strain blend, which consists of two specific strains of Lactobacillus acidophilus along with Bifidobacterium bifidum and Bifidobacterium lactis
  • The LAB4 blend is one of the most researched combinations of bacteria and has been used in more than 10 clinical studies
  • Optimum support - provides a guaranteed 30 billion potency human strain, acid resistant cells per daily intake to the end of shelf life if stored correctly
  • Shown to survive the passage through the GI tract and adhere to intestinal endothelium
  • Pure - hypoallergenic and not cultured on dairy or other allergens
  • Flexible - easily mixes into liquids or pureed foods, if you open the capsule
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • 30 days’ supply at 1 capsule per day

Suggested combinations

You can use BioAcidophilus Forte F.O.S Free alone, or you can combine it with other products for a more therapeutic and comprehensive approach.

  • For immune support, you can combine it with our MicroCell® NutriGuard Plus, which provides zinc, vitamin C, selenium and other nutrients to support immunity, antioxidants and repair, and Nutrisorb® D3 & K2 to ensure your vitamin D levels are optimal.
  • For digestive support, combine it with our Slippery Elm Intensive, to soothe the digestive tract, or with our Polyzyme Forte, a high potency and broad spectrum enzyme complex.
  • For everyday health, this product works great combined with our Methyl Multinutrient, to provide high levels of vitamins and minerals.

Not all live bacteria products are equal, and there are a baffling number of choices so we want to help you make the right choice for the best possible support. We make it easy for you because BioCare live bacteria products are designed and used by experts and have been the choice of health professionals for 30 years. This is because they’ve been designed by the UK’s top probiotic researchers, used in clinical trials, and used successfully by clinicians with their clients.

If our BioAcidophilus Forte F.O.S Free sounds like a good option for you, give it a go! We get positive feedback about our live bacteria products from our customers every day, so we are confident you’re too going to notice benefits. However if you’d like to discuss other options, talk to one of our Nutritionists by calling our Clinical Nutrition team on 0121 433 8702, or fill in our contact form (https://www.biocare.co.uk/contact-us) for one of our experts to respond over email.

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