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Autumn 2017 Education

Autumn 2017 Education
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The Microbiome Conference

Exploring an emerging health Interface

Wednesday 1st November | 10am - 5pm

Friends Meeting House, Euston

£50 per person - refreshments and a healthy lunch included

The science of metagenomics is shining a light on how the microbiome interacts with host physiology. In this one day conference we will examine in detail the link between our microbial colonies and many aspects of human health.How important are microbial genetics and physiology to our ability to adapt to our environment?

Dr Catherine O’Neill will outline her research on probiotics and skin health, in particular use of probiotic lysates for enhancing and healing the skin barrier, and for preventing infection of the skin by pathogens.

Dr Nigel Plummer, one of the UK’s leading authorities on probiotics, will update on the latest research on gut microbiome, prebiotics, and outline the current research on how probiotics are having such a significant impact on human health.

5 CPD hours (BANT/NNA/NTOI) applied for.



All about the gut and microbiome

Join us on our latest educational tour this Autumn and learn about some groundbreaking insights into health and nutrition. Over the last year we’ve been working hard on researching a new model for exploring the nature of health and disease, incorporating and unifying all the latest perspectives on systems biology, environmental medicine and genetics. Our ‘Adaptive Nutrition’ approach is eclectic, inclusive and offers an extra dimension to your practice whether you work functionally, naturopathically or in any other way. It forms a complete model for practitioner support from theory to practical application, including decision making about personalising nutritional supplement choices. We’re continuing to explore this model with a close look at the gut - one of our most significant adaptive interfaces.

Gut Adaptation - with Alessandro Ferretti - FREE seminar

Our biggest interface with our environment is our gut, and, even more interestingly, it hosts a huge biological community with which we have evolved and which plays a critical, co-operative part in facilitating health adaptation. In this seminar we will explore the key roles of digestion, motility, integrity and the microbiome and how they interact with all body systems. Join us for free, high quality education and the opportunity to network with your local colleagues!

This seminar is completely free and with 4 CPD hours (BANT/NNA/NTOI) applied for.

How to book

To book your place at one of our UK seminars CLICK HERE, email Jacqui at education@biocare.co.uk or call 0121 433 8774.

To book your place in Ireland, contact Peter at pharney@naturalmedicine.ie or call 045 865575 ext 102.

Not able to join us?

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If you don't have access to our Professional Education area, call us on 0121 433 3727 or email: customerservice@biocare.co.uk


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