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October 2021

Do you have persistent inflammation or allergies? Balance your immune response

By BioCare 7 months ago 10320 Views

Do you have persistent inflammation, perhaps with pain and discomfort e.g. in joints, skin or the gut, or perhaps you’ve had an injury that is taking a long time to heal? Or do you react to certain natural environmental substances like pollen, dust, fur, mould or even foods you eat?

You might need support to balance your immune response

Running out of energy easily? Support your cellular energy

By BioCare 7 months ago 4742 Views

Do you have severe issues with tiredness all the time, running out of energy really easily, even with simple daily activities? Do you find your feelings of fatigue are not relieved even after long periods of sleep or rest? Or perhaps your energy is severely affected when you train or do exercise, and you take a long time to recover?

You might need support for cell energy metabolism.

Is your thyroid off balance?

By BioCare 7 months ago 4482 Views

Are you are always tired, perhaps also feel the cold, generally overweight with thinning hair, water retention, and have poor skin quality? Have you been told, or suspect, your thyroid blood test (TSH/thyroxine) is out of range?

You might need support for your thyroid gland.

Hypothyroidism – A Holistic Approach to Thyroid Health

By BioCare 7 months ago 2780 Views

Thyroid disorders affect one in twenty people in the UK – could you be one of them?i

The thyroid gland is small, but mighty. It regulates how quickly our mitochondria produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the ‘energy currency’ of our body, and in doing so, underpins metabolism and the health of every body system.ii Its key tools are thyroid hormones that communicate with our body cells - thyroxine (T4) which can be converted to the more active triiodothyronine (T3).

Do you pick up infections easily? Support your immunity.

By BioCare 7 months ago 6152 Views

Are you often ill, picking up infections easily and/or finding it hard to shake them off?

You might need support for your immune system.

Your immune system is your body’s defence mechanism, but it needs to be trained and supported to work well. A lack of immune supporting nutrients, stress, robust skin, lung and gut barriers or an imbalance of bacteria can all inhibit immunity, resulting in more frequent or more serious infections.