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January 2020

Can probiotics help with weight loss?

By Olenka Quintrell 2 years ago 18964 Views

Weight loss is not an easy thing to get right, and whilst diet and physical exercise play a big role, health professionals and researchers agree that it’s much more complex than that, with inflammation, hormone imbalance, genetics, and other factors contributing to individuals’ struggles with weight. But have you ever considered that your gut could be playing a part on your weight loss journey? Research shows that reduced bacterial diversity is strongly associated with weight gain and obesity,[i] and that supporting a healthy gut, and using probiotics could promote weight loss through a variety of mechanisms.

How to beat the winter blues

By Adminstrator 2 years ago 23070 Views

The 20th of January has been labelled as ‘Blue Monday’, apparently the most depressing day of the year.

Is that true for you? Are you feeling depressed, demotivated or stressed? The post-festive period and the pressure to ‘re-invent’ yourself in the New Year can be very overwhelming. But what is driving your symptoms? There is much more to it than simply short, dark days.

This blog will give you the answers you need and simple suggestions you can implement today to beat the winter blues!

Going vegan this January? What you need to know

By Olenka Quintrell 2 years ago 17466 Views

Are you doing Veganuary, already vegan or interested in going vegan? We have your supplement needs covered.

With the benefits of the diet being well known, there are a few nutritional areas that need some attention. Read our latest blog where we introduce our best vegan supplements to ensure you’re not missing out on any essential nutrients.

Behavioural Changes That Make Healthy Habits

By Seema Vekaria 2 years ago 31341 Views

“Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken” – Warren Buffett

Has the festive season caught up with you? Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms - low energy, low mood, digestive discomfort, bloating? Nowadays more and more people are using January for a detox, but we want to provide you with the tools to be the best version of yourself all year round and help you make lifestyle changes that you can continue with.

Read our blog to find out more.