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October 2019

Children's Chocolate Orange Omega-3 Rich Smoothie

By Lisa Beard 3 years ago 15493 Views

Do you struggle to get nutrient-rich supplement powders into your child? As adorable as our children are, they can be notoriously fussy. To ensure your children are getting their essential nutrients, we have created this delicious, chocolate smoothie to satisfy their taste buds, whilst boosting their nutrition.

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How Probiotics Support A Healthy Heart

By Roma Bansil 3 years ago 17353 Views

How are our gut bacteria relevant to heart health? People with reduced microbial diversity in the gut are at a higher risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD).[ii] A recent study showed that heart failure patients who eat more fibre have healthier balance of gut bacteria, which has been linked to reduced risk of death and need for a heart transplant.[iii]

So it’s clear that one of the most natural ways to support heart health includes optimising our gut bacteria through diet and using the right probiotics that have been researched for their heart health-promoting properties.

Find out more in our latest blog about how probiotics can have a profound effect on heart health.

Live bacteria for happy, healthy kids

By Olenka Quintrell 3 years ago 21283 Views

Was your child born by C-section or bottle-fed? Are they feeling a bit below par at the moment? Or are you, as a parent, simply looking for guidance about how to increase good bacteria in the gut naturally? And you want to know which supplements to give your children as a daily insurance that they’re getting what they need?

Read our latest blog to find out more, including our extensive range of supplements for your kids.