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August 2018

Blood sugar – what you need to know

By Administrator 4 years ago 29574 Views

Discover why high blood sugar leads you to feeling less energised and prone to other medical conditions.

Children’s Red Berry BioMelts for your child’s immune system

By Administrator 4 years ago 13150 Views

Our children face many challenges in modern society. At a biological level, they are exposed to the continuous and constant challenge of nurturing an immature immune system; a complex system which is constantly developing and adapting to the outside world in order to equip them with a fully functioning immune army in adulthood. As parents and guardians, we want to make sure we give them the best possible protection and nutrition to support their growth and development. And one of the best ways of doing that is by supporting their gut bacteria, which are fundamental to their overall health and development.

Supporting Children’s learning through movement and nutrition

By Administrator 4 years ago 33762 Views

By understanding more about brain architecture and neural connections, we can start to understand how best to support our child via nutrition and movement, in order to help them learn at their fullest potential.