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August 2018

Blood sugar – what you need to know

By Administrator 11 months ago 17180 Views

Discover why high blood sugar leads you to feeling less energised and prone to other medical conditions.

Energise! The Energy Summit

By Education 11 months ago 17535 Views

Have you booked your place at the BioCare Energy Summit?

Children's Red Berry BioMelts

By Administrator 11 months ago 3919 Views

Watch Chris Newbold from our Clinical Nutrition team as he tells you all about our amazing children's product - Red Berry BioMelts™. A fantastic combination of live bacteria and vitamin D in a delicious 'melt on the tongue' powder.

Supporting Children’s learning through movement and nutrition

By Administrator 1 years ago 13227 Views

By understanding more about brain architecture and neural connections, we can start to understand how best to support our child via nutrition and movement, in order to help them learn at their fullest potential.