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June 2018

Why choose a liquid supplement? Exploring the benefits.

By Administrator 2 years ago 9972 Views

Discover the benefits of choosing a liquid supplement over tablets and capsules and the top 5 liquid supplements from our extensive range.

Magnesium Malate

By Administrator 2 years ago 8941 Views

Magnesium is probably the one nutrient we all need more of. Marta from our Clinical Nutrition team talks about its benefits and our Magnesium Malate product.

Overworked and overtrained – how is your exercise regime affecting you?

By Administrator 2 years ago 28135 Views

What are the processes that our body endures during exercise which we must adapt to? And what are the symptoms which can occur if this adaptation fails or we push our bodies too far? This article focuses on Overtraining Syndrome, the symptoms, contributing factors and what nutrition and lifestyle changes can be made to reduce and prevent the associated symptoms. Sport performance and recovery can be significantly affected by the presence of Overtraining Syndrome. Ensuring that your body is fully nourished, hydrated and rested is crucial for optimal recovery and training capacity.

Essential Facts About Essential Fats

By Administrator 2 years ago 23286 Views

We all know that consuming essential fats can have great health benefits, including supporting heart health and brain function but how do you choose the best one? Watch our video or read the article...

Neuro Complex - Effective Support for Brain Health

By Administrator 3 years ago 12711 Views

Marta from our Clinical Nutrition team talks about our Neuro Complex product.