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February 2018

BioCare’s Clinical Nutritionist Speaks with ELLE Magazine about Effective Hangover Cures

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During a recent article, ELLE Magazine reached out to nutritionists to ask them what their recommendations were on how to cure a hangover the right way - with a healthy diet.

Our very own Manal Chouchane, Nutritional Therapist and Clinical Nutritionist at BioCare®, shared her thoughts on what kinds of food and drink could help to clear your head effectively. Her answer? Coconut water and guacamole on toast which are good for hydration and providing the body with the good type of fat it craves during a hangover.

The stress and atrophy the body experiences during and after a person consumes a significant quantity of alcohol can often leave it depleted of a range of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. While excellent diet and hydration is the best method to recovery, these nutrients can also be readily replenished by use of a bioavailable vitamin and mineral supplement, such as BioCare® Adult Multivitamins and Minerals.

Shop for BioCare® Adult Multivitamins and Minerals, from £11.95 for 30 capsules.

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BioCare’s SucroGuard Supplement Featured in Bella Magazine

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We were happy to see SucroGuard’s® efficacy to maintain healthy blood sugar levels recognised in December’s issue of Bella Magazine. Featured in their Better Body section, the article “Emergency Slimming Tips” discussed healthy recipes, tried and tested workouts, as well as weight-loss supplements.

During the 3-page article, it was suggested that dieters trying to lose weight could really benefit from a specialised, bioavailable vitamin and mineral complex, to stave off sugar cravings which some may struggle with.

The author went on to recommend BioCare’s SucroGuard® supplement as a solution to this problem, by means of its contribution to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels and macronutrient metabolism in the body.

This food supplement should be part of a balanced diet and it is also filled with important nutrients such as B vitamins, chromium and manganese.

Shop for BioCare SucroGuard® from £8.56 for 30 capsules or discover more weight loss supplements.

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BioCare’s Clinical Nutritionist Interviewed by Belfast Live on Hangover Cures

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In pondering how to overcome a hangover or avoid it altogether during the holiday season, news website Belfast Live offered numerous excellent suggestions in an article published on Boxing Day 2017.

Drinking juice, water and of course eating correctly were all discussed, but additionally Belfast Live reached out to BioCare’s Clinical Nutritionist Manal Chouchane for her expert opinion on the topic to discover what foods and drinks can help with hangovers.

“Coconut water is ideal for hydration and providing electrolyte balance.” Manal suggested as a quick and nutritious drink, loaded with sodium, potassium, and electrolytes. As far as something to eat, “guacamole on toast” was the answer as this simple, yet effective recipe provides the body with good fats, whilst also satisfying the craving for carbohydrates and fat foods experienced during a hangover.

While it is wise to avoid excessive alcohol consumption all together, we hope that you’ll remember Manal’s nutritional advice if you happen to need it.

Read the full article here.

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BioCare’s Hair and Nail Complex Recommended for Winter Care by 50connect

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50connect is a lively online community which prides itself on providing excellent information and resources to empower over 50s in the UK. Their platform encompasses a broad range of topics, from technology and travel, to food and health.

Last month an interesting article highlighted the top 12 beauty products that can help their readers cope with the physical toll of harsh winter weather. We were delighted to see our very own BioCare® Hair and Nail Complex as part of the list.

“Don’t let your skin and hair succumb to winter damage, fight back”, said Eloise Craven-Todd of 50connect, while discussing ways to stay steadfast against difficult winter conditions. Hair and nails can often be damaged by cold, windy and damp weather and as such, require extra care during this time. Eloise suggested that the BioCare® Hair and Nail Complex would be an ideal supplement to prevent such deterioration.

As a source of copper, zinc and vitamin E amongst a gamut of bioavailable nutrients, BioCare® Hair and Nail Complex supports the body’s pigmentation of hair, metabolism of the proteins required to grow it, and helps protect from oxidative stress.

Shop for BioCare Hair and Nail Complex from £29.95 for 90 capsules.

Read the full 50connect article here.

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Five Steps to Overcoming Arthritis

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There are different types of arthritis but most share common characteristics which can affect your day to day lives.

Here are five steps to help support your joints and improve your general health.