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February 2018

Tackling PMS with Nutrition

By Administrator 4 years ago 65348 Views

Mood swings, muscle cramps and water retention can mean you are suffering with Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS).

Our latest article talks about the nutritional and lifestyle changes you can make to help you manage the symptoms.

BioCare’s B Complex Recommended for Healthy Weight Loss by Woman and Home

By Administrator 4 years ago 7814 Views

In this January’s edition of Woman and Home magazine, an article discussed various nutritional methods to help burn fat; from turmeric and seaweed, to smoothies and cinnamon.

At the forefront of the discussion were B vitamins, and how more and more people are becoming aware of their importance in glucose metabolism.

We were delighted to see our B Complex supplement recommended as a good source of B vitamins by Dr Marilyn Glenville, to assist in weight loss. In addition to metabolism, B vitamins contribute to many other important body functions, including nervous system function, production of neurotransmitters and reduction of LDL cholesterol.

The BioCare® B Complex supplement comes in capsule form, making it easy to take, and provides all the important B vitamins needed by the body, as well as other high quality ingredients which help with absorption.

Learn more about our B Complex and shop online on our website.

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BioCare Children’s Supplement Praised in Daily Telegraph

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It can be challenging at times to persuade and help a child to eat a healthy diet. A fascinating article in The Daily Telegraph, published on the 13th of January 2018, tackled the issue by suggesting a range of healthy and delicious snacks which children will enjoy, whilst being great for them too.

From ideas like wholegrain breads, vegetables and fruits, to egg frittatas and seed mixes; the Daily Telegraph has some great suggestions for parents to consider. At the end of the list, the author raised the question of multivitamins, and what might be an ideal choice to provide any nutrients missing from a child’s diet.

The author asked nutritionist Mary van der Westhuizen for her thoughts, and as a solution to this quandary she recommended BioCare® Children’s Complete Complex.

As the Department of Health suggests that children over the age of 6 months are given a vitamin supplement containing at least vitamins A, C and D - BioCare® Children’s Complex goes above and beyond, in containing an extensive range of nutrients to support healthy growth.

Shop for BioCare® Children’s Complex, from £16.96 for 150g.

Read the full article here.

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BioCare's Hair & Nail Complex Recommended by Yours Magazine

By Administrator 4 years ago 7890 Views

Just before Christmas, Britain’s number one fortnightly magazine Yours spent some time to discuss many of the ailments and health concerns unfortunately all too common to many of us over the holiday season. Bloating, circulation issues, rash and weakening hair and nails due to aging.

While there were numerous great suggestions, from eating the right foods, to exercise and drinking plenty of water, there was one suggestion in particular that drew our attention.

Yours magazine went on to suggest giving hair and nails the critical nutrients they need to stay strong with BioCare Hair and Nail Complex. With a range of vitamins, minerals, lysine and horsetail extract, Hair and Nail Complex is designed to support pigmentation, prevent oxidative stress and maintain metabolism of protein required for healthy hair and nails.

Shop for BioCare® Hair and Nail Complex, from £29.95 for 90 capsules.

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BioCare’s Vegan Omega-3 Featured in Women’s Fitness

By Administrator 4 years ago 9964 Views

In this February’s issue of Women’s Fitness, we were excited to see our very own Vegan Omega-3 supplement mentioned as part of an article about developing a strong physique, through a range of free-weight and barbell exercises.

When discussing supplements which could help boost training performance, BioCare® Vegan Omega-3 was suggested by Women’s Health for its anti-inflammatory potential after a workout.

While many protein powders, sports bars and other nutritional products offer great vegan solutions, they often lack in the fatty acids required for muscle growth, development and maintenance which BioCare® Vegan Omega-3 can provide.

The DHA and EPA in BioCare® Vegan Omega-3 is extracted directly from algae, one of the few vegan sources of omega-3 oils and is approved by the Vegetarian Society; providing a great stock of essential fatty acids which contribute to the normal function of the heart, brain and eyes.

Find out more and shop for BioCare® Vegan Omega-3 on our website.

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BioCare’s Immune Intensive Approved by Scrapbook Blog

By Administrator 4 years ago 6647 Views

To start 2018 off in style, Lauren Bennet of lifestyle blog Scrapbook Blog held a competition featuring essential products for mind and body, included a 7-day pack of BioCare® Immune Intensive.

Lauren highlights some of the key advantages of this potent immunity supplement such as its ability to support the immune system which is crucial during winter to help ward off colds.

Part of our range of immunity supplements, Immune Intensive is made to be as easy to take as possible, which is why it comes as a pleasant tasting powder containing bioavailable vitamins A, C, and D3, amongst a host of essential minerals, glucans and plant extracts.

Learn more about the benefits of our Immune Intensive supplement or shop online now.

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BioCare’s Immune Intensive Featured on Mummy Fever

By Administrator 4 years ago 5165 Views

Mummy Fever is a fantastic online resource for mothers, offering a range of fascinating articles on topics from health, fashion, beauty and of course parenting. In an article published this new year, Mummy Fever asked, how can you help yourself overcome the winter blues, which often come with a busy lifestyle and poor weather?

The author made many good suggestions, such as regular exercise, plenty of fresh air and quality sleep. Also mentioned was BioCare® Immune Intensive; a powerful supplement which helps support a healthy immune system.

BioCare® Immune Intensive is created as a great tasting powder, ready to be mixed into drinks for easy consumption. As a great source of vitamins A, C, D and zinc, Immune Intensive provides the nutrients required for normal function of the immune system.

Shop for Immune Intensive, from £16.45 for 7 sachets.

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BioCare’s Clinical Nutritionist Interviewed by MSN

By Administrator 4 years ago 5875 Views

Before December’s holiday season moved into full swing, MSN online asked renown nutritionists what people should eat when tending to a hangover. Manal Chouchane, one of our experienced Clinical Nutritionists and Nutritional Therapists, shared her advice on the topic.

In order to satisfy the craving experienced during a hangover for carbohydrates and foods rich in fat, she recommends a meal of guacamole on toast which features high quality fat, as well as coconut water for hydration and supplying the body with electrolyte balance.

Some portion of the unpleasantness from a hangover is caused by the body being depleted of essential vitamins and minerals. As Manal suggests, eating nutritious food is the best way to solve this. An alternative option to further support a balanced diet in providing a range of nutrients is a broad vitamin and mineral supplement, such as BioCare® Adult Vitamins and Minerals.

Shop for BioCare® Adult Vitamins and Minerals, from £11.95 for 30 capsules.

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BioCare Winter Care Supplements Reviewed by A Little Luxury for Me

By Administrator 4 years ago 6232 Views

We were delighted to see a range of our winter care supplements reviewed by Erica Price on her blog, A Little Luxury for Me.

As an answer to a busy lifestyle full of challenges, which can often leave her feeling tired, Erica decided to try a variety of BioCare’s products to relieve her fatigue.

The result? “I have felt like I’ve had more energy”, Erica said, after trying BioCare® Adult Multivitamins & Minerals, Zinc Citrate and Everyday BioAcidophilus®. Another aspect she appreciated about our BioAcidophilus® supplement was also its ability to remain stable for a greater period of time without having to be refrigerated which is achieved due to our “Multox” antioxidant system.

BioCare® Zinc Citrate is also very easy to store and to take. Its water solubility allows it to be consumed as a lozenge, as well as a traditional tablet – making it simple to work into your diet.

Shop here for Everyday BioAcidophilus®, Adult Multivitamins & Minerals and Zinc Citrate on our online store.

Read Erica’s full blog here.

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BioCare Supplements Make Healthista’s ‘Best of the Year’ List

By Administrator 4 years ago 4626 Views

Vanessa Chalmers, writer for renown health and lifestyle website Healthista sat down to decide her 14 best supplements of 2017 last December, with a spectrum of potential candidates to choose from.

We were delighted to see that two of our most popular supplements made Healthista’s list which highlights their high quality and bioavailability.

When it came to the best omega-3 and probiotic supplements respectively, Vanessa chose BioCare® Mega EPA and BioCare® BioAcidophilus® as her top choices.

Our Mega EPA is a powerful fish oil supplement made from pure fish oil and provides both DHA and EPA, free from detectable contaminates, using our “Multox” system for greater stability and quality.

BioAcidophilus’ LAB4 complex of bacteria is thoroughly tested and is both bile and acid resistant to ensure safety and efficacy in promoting healthy gut flora.

Shop for BioCare BioAcidophilus® and Mega EPA here.

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