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August 2017

6 Top Tips for Back to School

By Administrator 5 years ago 18276 Views

As the new school year approaches, the manic school runs, last minute homework and unexpected spelling tests are out of our control, but as parents, we can provide our children with all the tools they need to keep their health in check. With optimum baseline nutrition, we can look to strengthen their immune defences and gear up their brains ready for the new term ahead!

Staying sharp with nutrition

By Administrator 5 years ago 30147 Views

Modern life is very demanding of our brain function. We’re constantly required to multitask, remember, concentrate, and articulate. We are submitted to a barrage of stimulation from lots of sources, especially TVs, computers, tablets and smartphones. So it’s even more important now that we keep our brains in top condition.

Introduction to Children’s Nutrition

By Administrator 5 years ago 18535 Views

Healthy children are likely to grow into healthy adults, so laying down good nutritional foundations in childhood can have lifelong benefits. Our extensive range of high quality nutritional supplements covers the key areas that underpin child development from neonatal nutrition, promoting healthy immunity, general nutritional support and specific formulations to support complex needs. View article to read more about our children's range...

Building Blocks for Children's Health

By Administrator 5 years ago 26626 Views

Optimum nutrition is vital for our children’s health and wellbeing, ensuring that they have the necessary building blocks for a lifetime of good health. We cannot protect our children from everything the outside world will throw at them, but we can give them the correct nutritional and lifestyle foundations to carry them through to a healthy happy life.

Essential Facts about Fish Oils

By Administrator 5 years ago 21385 Views

We all know that consuming essential fats contained in fish oil can have great health benefits, including supporting heart health and brain function.

Getting the right level through diet alone may be difficult, especially if your health is compromised and your daily needs might be higher. Not all fish oils are equal, so what makes BioCare products unique?

Our Toxic World

By Administrator 5 years ago 33828 Views

We live in a toxic world surrounded by harmful organisms and pollutants everyday. Read on to find out what these toxins are and what you can do to support your body.