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November 2016

The Pro-Child Study: Exploring the Link Between Probiotics and Respiratory Health

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Children are at high risks of catching infections such as colds and flus due to their immature immune systems, and being in environments such as schools and nurseries where infections can be passed on easily from one child to another. The prescription of antibiotics to children in the UK is 700 prescriptions/1000 children per year.[i] It is suggested that 30% of antibiotic prescriptions are unnecessary as many of these infections are caused by viruses including common colds, bronchitis and sinus and ear infections, whereby an antibiotic (antibacterial) will be ineffective.[ii]

Don't be SAD this winter

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With the government now recommending Vitamin D supplements for everyone, we take a look at the link between SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and the benefits of Vitamin D supplementation, to prepare for the onset of winter and changes of the seasons.