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Our Top Immune Supplements for Autumn and Winter

By Ellie Isom 2 months ago 11950 Views

Our immune system is a vital defence mechanism which can protect us from, and help us fight, infections from microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses.

Discover our top supplements to support your immunity.

Vitamin Pills – Miracle or Myth?

By Administrator 3 months ago 18073 Views

Did you see last night’s Horizon investigating whether supplements are necessary, unnecessary, maybe even dangerous? Maybe it’s left you wondering too? As with most of these programmes, it didn’t really tell the whole story, and there’s plenty of evidence that supports the use of food supplements. Read more to find out.

Probiotics for Antibiotics

By Administrator 3 months ago 7385 Views

Antibiotics are a vital medical treatment, and sometimes necessary. However, they are being so ubiquitously used in human and animal healthcare that we have inadvertently created an antibiotic crisis.

So what is the solution when you do have to take antibiotics? Discover in our latest article...

Why Choose Lactobacillus Plantarum?

By Administrator 3 months ago 5845 Views

Not all live bacteria products are equal, and there are a baffling number of choices. Most good probiotic bacteria have multiple functions in the body but sometimes you can use a specific strain to target a particular area of health. So why would you choose Lactobacillus plantarum? Read our latest article to find out.

Support Healthy Cholesterol Levels with BioPlantarum Plus Sterols

By Administrator 3 months ago 4233 Views

Discover our new product BioPlantarum Plus Sterols with an overview of its ingredients and benefits including supporting healthy cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol – is it bad or essential to health?

By Administrator 3 months ago 24547 Views

An article that debunks the myths on the cholesterol-heart disease hypothesis, based on the up to date research. Learn why cholesterol is essential and what to do to promote healthy levels and support heart health with nutrition.

How to age healthily

By Administrator 4 months ago 9664 Views

With the average age increasing it means our older generation need to learn how to 'age well'. Our latest article has nutrition and lifestyle tips on how to 'age healthily'.

The Best Supplements for your Pregnancy

By Administrator 4 months ago 4291 Views

During pregnancy, you only want the best nutrition to support growth and development. Here we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to essential vitamins and minerals during pregnancy.

Skin - From the Inside Out – A Nutritional Approach to Skin Health

By Administrator 4 months ago 11728 Views

Discover the importance of an ‘inside-out’ approach to poor skin health which identifies the imbalances in the body which are driving a particular skin symptom or condition, and then addresses these with targeted nutritional and lifestyle support.

Essential Facts About Vitamin D

By Administrator 4 months ago 12998 Views

Vitamin D is a common deficiency, but why? Find out in our latest vlog and article.