Discover the BioCare® Range of High Quality Supplements

We’ve spent the past 30 years developing an extensive range of the highest quality supplements available, created to meet the nutritional needs of each individual. We’ve used our expertise, constant research and the best possible ingredients to develop new formulas and extremely effective nutritional solutions that can offer you the additional support you need to keep you healthy every day.

Below, you’ll be able to find a wide selection of BioCare® supplements, including, but not limited to:

  • Multinutrients – An essential supplement for a healthy diet, multinutrients or multivitamins, feature the right mixture of vitamins and minerals that help your body function at its best. Choose from various solutions including liquids, capsules or tablets made from high quality raw ingredients with minimal additives, making them suitable for sensitive individuals.
  • Minerals – Our mineral supplements, formulated for maximum absorption, can help you get all the minerals you need. Choose from different varieties of magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, chromium, molybdenum, copper, manganese and iodine.
  • Vitamins – What makes BioCare® vitamin supplements different? We use the innovative Nutrisorb® and BioMulsion® technologies to create vitamin supplements in liquid form, for optimal absorption. However, if you prefer capsules or powders, we have those too.
  • Live Bacteria – Opt for our award-winning live bacteria supplements that are potent and effective. Many of our products use the unique LAB4 complex of bacteria which has shown in studies to have enhanced effectiveness in the gut. We’ve also developed probiotics for children so you can easily take care of your entire family, as well as providing you with dairy-free, vegetarian and vegan alternatives.
  • Antioxidants – These molecules play a very important role in supporting the immune system by neutralising free radicals and protecting other cells from the damage caused by them. Antioxidant supplements from BioCare® are available as capsules, liquids, powders and tablets.
  • Fatty Acids – Whilst certain types of fat can have a negative impact on your health, essential fatty acids also known as EFAs, are the ‘good’ kind of fat which should be a part of your daily diet. Choose from a varied range of fatty acid supplements available in various, highly absorbable and pure formats.
  • Enzymes – Keep on top of your digestive health with the aid of digestive enzymes that ensure food is effectively broken down for absorption. All BioCare® enzymes are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, so everyone can get the nutritional support they need for a healthy digestive system.

Every single BioCare® product is carefully created using only the best possible ingredients and stringent production processes which ensure that we provide our customers with excellent quality.

Learn more about our product ranges by browsing the sections available below. Once you’ve added everything you need to your cart, simply place your order online and remember – we offer FREE delivery on orders over £25 and same day dispatch if you order before 2pm.

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  1. Save 25%
    Vitamin C Powder

    Was £11.82

    Now £8.87

    Vitamin C Powder contains magnesium ascorbate which is a low-acid form of vitamin C, produced by our unique solvent-free freeze-dried method; it is free from additives and excipients. This form of vitamin C is gentler on the stomach. Learn More
  2. Save 25%
    Methyl B Complex - 60 Capsules

    Was £15.98

    Now £11.99

    Advanced high potency B complex with methylfolate and methyl B12 for energy, nervous system and methylation support. Learn More
  3. Save 25%
    Nutrisorb BioMulsion® D 15ml

    Was £10.56

    Now £7.92

    High potency vitamin D3 in a great tasting natural lemon flavoured liquid, providing 1000iu vitamin D per drop for optimum support Learn More
  4. Save 25%
    Vitamin C 500

    Was £11.92

    Now £8.94

    Vitamin C 500 provides a bioavailable source of vitamin C and magnesium, together with bilberry extract. Magnesium Ascorbate is buffered which means as a less acid form of vitamin C it is therefore gentler on the stomach. Learn More
  5. Save 25%
    Vitamin C Rosehip Complex - 150g Powder

    Was £16.52

    Now £12.39

    Vitamin C Rosehip Complex is a great tasting vitamin C powder with minerals, bioflavonoids and berry extracts. This handy powder dissolves easily into water. Each 5g dose provides 1g of vitamin C with minerals such as zinc and manganese. Learn More
  6. Save 25%
    Permatrol® 90 Capsules

    Was £24.70

    Now £18.52

    Permatrol® is a unique combination that provides key nutrients such as L-glutamine, N-acetyl glucosamine and lactobacillus acidophilus. This specialist formulation also includes vitamin E and gamma oryzanol. Learn More
  7. Save 25%
    Garlic Plus 90 Capsules

    Was £21.98

    Now £16.49

    Garlic Plus is a combination of freeze-dried garlic containing the active constituent allicin, with the addition of biotin. The process of gentle freeze-drying maintains the active components of garlic in tact. Learn More
  8. Save 25%
    Saw Palmetto Complex 60 Capsules

    Was £24.70

    Now £18.52

    Advanced nutrient complex for male health, fertility and testosterone levels with saw palmetto, ginseng, nettle root and zinc. This is an improved formula that now includes nettle root. Learn More
  9. Save 25%
    Vitasorb® CoQ10 (Liquid CoQ10) 30ml

    Was £19.96

    Now £14.97

    As low as: £14.96
    Vitasorb® CoQ10 provides 20mg co-enzyme Q10 along with vitamin E. These fat soluble nutrients are easy to absorb in this liquid form. Vitamin E contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress. Learn More
  10. Save 25%
    Vitamin D3 1000iu - 60 Capsules

    Was £12.34

    Now £9.25

    NEW high potency vitamin D3 providing 1000iu vitamin D per capsule for optimum support. Learn More

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