For organisms to survive and stay healthy, they need robust defences. We live in an environment full of potential threats; viruses, bacteria, and allergens. To meet this challenge, the immune system exists to protect the body from damage and disease and using. So how can vitamins and supplements help protect our immune system?

Optimum function of the immune system depends on availability of a number of nutrients on a daily basis. These requirements can substantially increase if your body is under stress or fighting an infection. That’s why it is critical to nourish the immune system daily and provide additional support at times of higher needs.

Ensuring optimal immune health can be a challenge and this is where high quality immune system supplements and vitamins from BioCare® can assist.

Choosing the right immune support supplements for you and your family

We provide a range of immune system supplements to support all aspects of immunity from promoting healthy immune function to protection from oxidative stress. Within our range you will find high potency powders, synergistic complexes, specially-selected botanical extracts, and optimally absorbed liquids. So whether you need something for everyday support, a targeted, high potency add-on to your daily regime, or a gentle liquid, we have something for you and your family.

Vitamin C plays an important role in many aspects of immune function. We’ve created different vitamin C supplements available in powder, capsules or tablets, so everyone can choose the best way to support their needs and lifestyle. For optimum potency, choose Vitamin C Powder, or Vitamin C Rosehip Complex. If you prefer a moderate dose, capsule option, opt for Vitamin C 500.

Our best-selling stock-cupboard essential Immune Intensive is a potent, 7 day complex of powerful botanicals; elderberry and sage, with beta glucans, zinc, vitamins C, D, and A to support healthy immune system, in a convenient and pleasant tasting powder.

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that many of us may be deficient in, resulting in an increased risk of ill health. That’s why we’ve got many vitamin D options in our range to suit your needs. You can choose from our emulsified liquid Nutrisorb® BioMulsion® D, a gentler Nutrisorb® Vitamin D3 400iu, or a vegan capsule Vitamin D3 1000iu, ensuring you meet the Department of Health vitamin D recommendations

Zinc is another key immune-supporting nutrient and that’s why it is included in many of our complexes, or you can take it on its own in a liquid, capsule or tablet. Our products include Nutrisorb® Zinc, Zinc Ascorbate and Zinc Citrate.

You will also find some very targeted and synergistic complexes providing high-strength botanical extracts including MicroCell® Curcumin Turmeric Complex which combines the clinically-researched UltraSOL® curcumin extract with pine bark, turmeric and ginger, as well as Quercetin Plus or Antioxidant Complex to protect the body from oxidative stress.

We also have a wide range of children’s immune support supplements which combine the best quality nutrients and botanicals in pleasant tasting powders to make it easy and enjoyable for your child to take, whilst giving you the peace of mind you’re giving them the best possible support.

The two favourites amongst both children and parents are; Children's Red Berry BioMeltsTM – individual sachets of unique live bacteria with vitamin D3 in a delicious, natural red berry flavoured powder that melts on the tongue; and Children’s Elderberry Complex – a concentrated elderberry extract with zinc and vitamin C.

Explore our broad range of immune supporting supplements and find the right option for you!